Your Main Characters sit down for a night of Table Top Roleplaying Games. What game do they play, and what roles/classes/occupations/races/etc. do they pick?

At the next table over, Jack is playing a Human Fighter named Jack, Sabra is a Monk (all points into Strength), Fisher doesn't really want to be there, Sam's drinking in the corner while asking how many dragons have they found in the dungeon, and Incarnate quickly figures out that the optimal thing to do is roll a 20 at every opportunity and, after experimenting with the dice and the table top, does so.

They leave it to Sabra to explain to her that DnD is not a game you're supposed to 'win' like that. Sabra, unfortunately, never quite achieves this because Incarnate is *so happy* that she's mastered the game and the dice and achieved all of her objectives.

Francis "Bugbear" Pickering manages to put a little get-together down at the end of the month, and convinces Sebastio Artaxerxes, Louis Artaxerxes, Seroku Adz Tataki Ba'fus, and Seven to join. Someone does research on the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons to be put out somewhere in existence, someone else finds that to be not quite what gets everyone excited, and then a third someone who isn't Seven suggests Shadowrun.

Louis immediately declares an intention to play an elf mage with nearly everything put into willpower, before Bugbear talks him into allocating some skill into quickness for using guns. He buys every AoE he can grab. Adz declares that more time will be needed to decide. Sebastio goes for a human with an intelligence-centric hacking/drone build, and shoves just enough points into charisma to get a few defensive warding skills and a totem for backup. Unfortunately, all his income goes into his hardware and cybernetics. Adz eventually picks a troll, adds some constitution for base health, then splits everything else evenly between charisma for summoning and quickness for guns, and blows everything on a stock of fetishes and a sniper rifle for dealing with the problems that everyone else will inevitably be too far away to confront. After a while and some lengthy tangential explanations, Seven is brought to understand that A) it cannot choose a gnoll as a valid race, B) the primary objective of the game is to not die rather than watch and learn from the world around it and grow as a sentient creature, and C) it can put every point it has into acquiring more health if it so desires. It also picks a troll and becomes something that can be best described as "killable in theory," and becomes even more so when it buys one revival kit and a ton of recovery consumables.

After some debate, it becomes clear that Bugbear has never DMed anything besides games with which no one else is familiar, so they finally lapel someone else to do it. By the end of the event they all agree that tabletop should be tried again soon, and definitely NOT Shadowrun.