Minor Question Concerning Member Shelves List

I noticed that under stories, there's an option called 'Member Shelves', with a button that says 'View Full List' beneath it. When I click on this list, I get a brief synopsis of everyone who's ever rated the story--bookmarked it, recommended it, etc--but also quite a few names of people who haven't done anything to it at all (or so it seems).

I just wanted to ask--what precisely does this list reflect? Why are there people on it who haven't apparently rated, reviewed, recommended, or bookmarked the story? I think I know one of the possible reasons, but I don't think that it would be the case for *all* the names on this list.

Specifically, I'm asking this question because I clicked on it for my own story (arcadia snips) and was just curious as to the details. Beg your pardon if it's a rather intrusive query!

Hi Robert,

The Bookmarked column indicates the member has marked it "currently reading". The people who have nothing showing in any of the columns probably have marked the listing "to be read". It's bad labelling on my part, in other words. I'll fix it next time I'm in the code.


Possibly related bug: I've also noted in the "Editor's Picks" and "Member's Picks" some of the people said to Recommend an entry havent' actually recommended it, but have probably just rated or bookmarked it in some way - their names are in the list for the entry that Robert mentioned, but not always because of a recommendation. (I hope that made sense)

Do you have any examples?

OK, for an example, look at Scary Mary under Editor's choices. It says (last time I looked) "Recommended by Fiona Gregory and 7 other editors" - but if you go to Scary Mary's WFG page and click on the list of people who have rated, bookmarked, or recommended it, you see I am on the list but I don't currently have it checked as recommended. Now I believe at one point I did have it bookmarked or something, which is how I got on the list.

Not a big deal, I don't mind being shown as recommending it - nothing against Scary Mary, I hasten to say. It's just something I've noticed from time to time when perusing the Editors and Members Choice lists, with other stories and people as well.

Yep, it's a bug. And the member's pick listing is wrong, too. I'll get them fixed.

Should be fixed now. Also, I dropped the "member picks" listing in favour of the more general "popular" one.

Let me know if you notice anything else wrong. Thanks!