Mobile layout

anyone specifically design layouts for mobile? Worm seems to, but I don't know if that's on purpose or a side effect of the template being used.

Worm uses the standard layout. I know because I'm using the same one through a plugin for Wordpress.

Are you looking for a design for a specific CMS? If so, what? Wordpress? Drupal? I'm sure that there are many plugins with associated layouts for both. Also, for that matter, one of the more recent trends in web design is something called "responsive design," a way of designing sites so that the design adjusts to be viewable both on mobile phones and computer screens.

I don't so much design separately or specifically for mobile as I believe in keeping things very simple, so that people can easily read the story whereever. That's just ebook 101 as far as I'm concerned.

Since I post via Blogger, there is already built in a different interface for mobile. And I periodically check on the site via my iPod Touch.

I also subscribe to blogs via an RSS aggregator called Kindlefeeder, and I find that it strips things down to vanilla text -- no bold or italics -- and images if they aren't too large. I find it's not the very best way to read many blogs, but I try to design so mine are properly readable. The main issue, aside from loss of italics, is that floating pictures simply appear between paragraphs rather than look embedded.


Making a format for mobile that auto detects was kinda what I meant. Does the base wordpress install do that now? There are a couple drupal based sites i read that don't format to fit my phone, but Worm did automatically, so I didn't know if that was something in wordpress, or something that was set up specifically.

The base Wordpress install does do that, as far as I'm aware.

The base self-hosted install doesn't do that. does automatically, and you can use the same stuff as if you install the Jetpack plugin into your self-hosted Wordpress installation. Also, there are a bunch of other plugins that do it too--some actually only detect mobile phones and allow you to modify and create your own mobile theme. The Jetpack plugin is just an on or off thing though. You either have it on and use the designs they provide, or it's off.

I use the WPtouch plugin for Wordpress (self-hosted), which gives the site a theme suitable for visitors using mobile devices. I installed it after a reader recommended it (she always accessed the site using a smartphone). I don't check it much that way myself, but never had any complaints. It has a pile of options if you want to customise it.

With the jetpack plugin self hosted WordPress can do mobile. So does weaver ii theme minus that plugin.

Other than not letting sites play with's update /feature system the plugin emulates .com features well. Particularly happy about integrated analytics as I accidentally destroyed another month of data on Google with a theme change. I have a week of data that I might not have had if I had only Google to rely on,

(alex - it's on my site too.)

If you also need a mobile friendly web browser see if you can get safari on your phone. It turns your blog posts into nice black and white pages...)

Ahh, jetpack is what does it. Thank you! And SgL , i use Blackberry, so the built in browser does the job for me!

... that reminds me. I still need to do a mobile layout for my site...

yeah, i archive binged Curveball on my phone, and resizing and scrolling was a PAIN.

There's also an emergent trend in web design for so-called responsive designs that use one set of style declarations that are device-agnostic because they morph correctly to any given screen resolution. I've been thinking of using that for my own site. News magazines on the web set some very interesting precedents and I tend to look to them for inspiration.

The latest one that I saw that impressed me was the New Republic and their recent redesign using OpenPublish, which appears to be a supertheme for Drupal:

I especially adore the citation style that it uses, with slide-outs next to the appropriate text.