Most Awesome Searches

As a spin-off from the "Weirdest Site Stat" thread, I wanna see what weird and interesting search terms people have used to find your serials. I'll start with a few of my favorites.

fantasia the mop and bucket

how to get a name for myself being a mercenary

looking up schoolgirl skirt stories

short skirt assassin

he made me take my pants off

My regular blog has a bunch of truly off the wall searches, largely because I write about just about any topic that comes into my head. I've been surprised, however to find that people coming to my story are mostly searching for my story.

That's a good thing, right?

In any case, I don't have nearly as many (or as crazy) search strings for my story blog. What searches I get fall into a few different categories:


what super hero i'm i

legendary heroes on clearance (You can buy heroes on clearance?)

mad science van (I want one too...)

superheroes spend day on twitter

Daydreams (and Sex)

what do my day dreams mean

daydream eyes i can drive

daydreaming im cheating

american daydreams cassie (apparently "Cassie" is in American Daydreams which is apparently porn)

american daydreams cassie full name (and somebody wants to stalk her)


usa lightning strike little girl death

wordpress mailing list plugins

girls with fast metabolisms

public eye tomahawk lingerie (this one is actually story related...)


To be fair, this was actually in the story, but what caused you to be searching for this?

"forgot to get dressed"

nathaniel f robinson secret vocab (wow, I'm getting hits from searching other peoples work!)