Most inspiring line?

What would you think is/are the most inspiring line(s) in your book(s)? For me, someone on WattPad surprised me by saying a line in Amber Silverblood that I didn't really mean to be inspirational turned out to be one of the most inspirational things they've ever read.

"Just because you're not as strong as someone else doesn't make you weak. It just means you're not as strong as they are."

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Spambot wins the thread.

It almost sounds a little bit Trump-ish, doesn't it?

"I have great lines, I have the most inspiring lines. People, they say to me, I have the best lines."

Spambpt spelt stfu wrong, but it isn't taking your nonsense anyway.

It's actually a bit illuminating as to the difficulty with the topic - it's not so easy to inspire on purpose, not without sounding like you're selling something. Indeed, even for the initial post, the inspiring was by accident. I wonder if it would be a question better asked from a reading perspective than a writing one. Kudos btw, TheAdamBo, on not only inspiring but having someone say as much to you.

Hunh, I suppose I'd never thought about it. My webserials don't tend to be inspiring, or at least not intentionally so. *considers*

It's a good question, though, spambot or not.

I think that I'd love to have someone else tell me what they considered inspiring from my writing, because, as the writer, it's more my place to throw paint around and hope the result looks pretty. But the judgment is the reader's.

I mix a lot of philosophy in, and I would hope some of it resonates. I did have a reader say, "The themes here are magnificent." So that gets me all fuzzy - is kind of on the topic. Not everybody will have gotten this kind of praise, though, for whatever reason. A lot of people just don't write that way.

Keep up the good threads, AdamBo.

I just wrote what I would consider my most inspirational line a few weeks ago. Here it is, with all relevant context removed so as to avoid spoilers.


Mila thought about that, then gestured for me to continue.


Alright, maybe more than a line. Still.