Must read web serials?

just wondering where to start with reading the web serials that are out there

kinda imposing with the large number. I don't want to get caught up in reading 50 for ideas and risk having it get in the way of school

Personally, I'd only bother to follow ones that strongly interest you as a story, but for the purpose of learning how to create and keep an audience, you'd probably want to go check out "Tales of MU" and "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom."

The first reason is that both are good stories. I've been reading Tales of MU since shortly after it started. I recently read the first book of "Intimate History." Both of them have good characters, pacing, plot and a great sense of when to cut the scene to keep things moving.

The other thing both have is authors who seek to promote the story and use the forums/comments to engage readers. Meilin, for example, appears to consistently greet first time commenters. Also, she has a system for gaining points for doing things like reviewing her on WFG or PU. Both of them have a system by which the readers can get bonus stories.

Basically both do a lot of things right outside of the story that most writers don't. There's a lot to learn from in both places.

sounds cool was thinking about doing something similar for mine: government documents, pages from one of the main character's diaries, schematics, things that would flesh out the world but i was only planing on including them if i actually got a fan base goinin

Street's a good one to read to see how publication can change a web serial (for example, I originally planned it as just one big story, rather than a trilogy). Also, much of my traffic comes from cross-promotion with my other works on the net, and readership is steady even though the participation level is near-zero.

It does work, though -- if you create one thing that people like, they'll be interested in other things you've made.



I'm inclined to agree with Jim. ToMU and Intimate History are good places to examine with a critical eye (I read the first book of MU, and, ah-- the first installment in Intimate History). ToMU is one of the most famous web serials, in-part because of the content, and in part because of its financial success -- it's the author's full-time job. Intimate History is a close second, because of the work that MeiLin puts in with extra features, the content, and the amount of money it generates for her.

Other than that, check the archives, and find something that interests you personally. If you're looking for inspiration, find a mirror-genre (or something completely different, as the muse dictates). Check out the reviews, explore the sites, all while keeping in mind the core of your own story and what ideas you could realistically implement.

And Winter's right -- fans are typically a loyal bunch, and are willing to check out a lot of what one writer does (to a point). If you have something else out there, cross-promote like nobody's business!