My colours are driving me crazy

I think I've mentioned that I'm really looking into investing in my serial art-wise. This is largely because, more than anything - anything! - at all about my serial, I'm insecure about the way it looks.

The layout seems solid, as far as I can tell. The functionality is as top-notch as anyone can expect. It's readable, and not hard on the eyes thanks to its slightly sour milk tinged background. The menu has been tighted as clearly as I can manage. But - oh Lord, it's so ugly. I had another site that was way worse, but this is still pretty bad.

How many of you know your way around a palette? I like the layout, but the colours just aren't doing it for me. The ones I have in my banner (gray, more gray, beige, white, black, brown, inexplicable pink) are where I want to be. I'm all oven the grim moodiness of it.

Please tell me someone has a suggestion.

Hey this is something I could help with!

One thing you can do when you have an image you like is try this handy dandy tool It's kind of cheating and I wouldn't follow it to a T, but it's helpful to get ideas of a direction.

Personally I'd go for cool greys and blacks. The header hints towards blues, but your elements are brown which is on the warm spectrum. I think that's where the disconnect between the two comes in. Maybe try a cool grayscale for most of it, light grey for the background, darker grey for your nav elements, black text, almost-white if you need it and then I would suggest using that sort of pink for your links to draw attention to them.

Hope that helps :)

Someone's finally put into words why the current palette doesn't match the header: the warmth's off. That makes so much more sense, and even that realization took a weight off my shoulders.

Thank you for the tips on where certain colours could fit, by the way. I like the palettes Pictaculous sent out, but then I stared for a second thinking, "I'm a caveman in a car."

No problem :) Let me know if it works out for ya.

Okay. So I've played with the colours a little bit (a lot. Extensively. What you'll see now is basically the height of my eye for colour).

Ignoring the banner entirety, which I still love but will be changing to something I actually own, what do you think? Is the text hard to read?

(Also ignore the footer's red text. I'll be changing that to white. Does the footer itself look okay, though?)

I dig the colors. I dont dig tag clouds, myself, so that seems to clutter the footer and make it bigger than it needs to be, but thats personal preference, I know some disagree.

The font is killing my eyes though.

@Alexander.Hollins - Which font hurts most: the main text or one of the other ones around the landing page? Colour contrast-wise or typeface-wise?

main text, its the mix of thick and thin lines in the thing. it would look good at a larger size, probably, but its just headache inducing trying to read it for me.

It took me a while to figure out just what you meant, but I get it now. Now how to tweak it...