My Fiction Just Turned 100 (posts)

Hey folks!

I've been a member of the Web Fiction Guide site for a while, and I just wanted to tell all of you that my story just hit the 100 post mark!

(Before anyone asks, I checked with moderator Cpoirier to see if it was ok that I announced this here in the forum and he said it was OK with him)

Anyway, please check out, tell me your thoughts, and just plain celebrate with me.

By the way, one of my new goals since reaching the century milestone? Get more involved with the work of other web authors. So if you see me comment on your blog, say hi :)

Congratulations! Woo!


Congratulations! 100 is a pretty amazing number, isn't it. :) Have you figured out how many pages it would be in paper yet? That's always fun!

If you're counting by pages in manuscript submission format the standard calculation is word count/250 = pages of manuscript. I've found that approximately right. It assumes a double-spaced page with single-indented paragraphs with 12-point courier type.

Now, I have no idea how that translates into hardback, trade paperback, or other kinds of formats...

Thanks so much everybody! It works out to ... (opens windows calculator) ... 128 pages (given 250 words per page on average) !


Congrats! I love milestones like these. :) Good for you!