My First Audiobook! And the Small Press Publication

The second web fiction project I ever did, The Aphorisms of Kherishdar, now has an audiobook edition narrated by an amazing voice actor! Putting it together was a great experience! You can read about it here:

Also, over the weekend I went to Pittsburgh to help launch the print edition of my first web fiction project from way back in 2004 (!). That's been split into two books, since it was too big for one. The first is now available from the publisher ( or from me directly as an ebook (Amazon: and Smashwords:

I've greatly enjoyed getting these web fiction projects into new formats, particularly since my readers have asked for them. I'm curious to see if the sales reflect their demand. We'll see. :)

Sweet, it's on Audible!

Congrats. I like Audible. I actually use them from time to time, though in general I find them expensive. Yours isn't expensive at all, however, so as soon as I get to a wi-fi spot you're getting a sale. :)