My first review imminent!

I have been a bit bad about reviewing things, but thats about to change. I got my Jukepop payment, and with it, I purchased a copy of Curveball: Year One, since my main problem is my inability to read web fic during school, which is where I do most of my reading.

I wouldn't have said anything, but I'm extremely excited about it.

The most important lessons someone could take away from my measly attempts are:

1. Concise is nice.

2. Try to keep other people in mind. Try not to say why just you like it, but why others may like it.

And if I'm wrong about the second tip, someone go ahead and correct that on here.

No, number two is perfect.

fellow Alex, good choice. I for one am in love with curveball, and eagerly await the next issue. (HEY! EVICSI_BOY! IM TALKING TO YOU!)