NaNoWriMo Post-Mortem

I managed to eke out a victory one hour before deadline with around 50470 words. It was a brutal, brutal month. My plate was unbelievably full (new job, publishing comics, putting Pay Me Bug! up at the stores, publishing chapters of the Points Between, 3 year old daughter, etc.) but somehow I managed to dig in and get it done.

Feels good now. Didn't feel so good two or three days ago when it wasn't certain I would succeed.

But now that makes 5 wins, 4 losses in all. This was the tie breaker!

Thank God I decided not to post it though. It might actually be an interesting story some day. But not in its current form, no no no no no no no no no...

This was my first NaNo and, despite doubting my ability to complete it from the off, working full-time, being busy at Church more nights of the week than not and not having a great track record of sticking at things, I actually found it rather easy. I think it all boils down to the few disciplines I put in place at the start (most notably: writing before breakfast every morning and writing in a notepad on a message board on the work computers during my breaks) and my enthusiasm for what I was writing.

As I mentioned before (I think) this was a third attempt at an idea I had nearly a decade ago and I took a very different approach to it this time which really excited me. I'm not sure how good my current 50,036 words (50,107 according to NaNo, oddly) are, but they are still better than what I'd done before and have also taken me substantially further than I'd ever written in this tale before as well. Better yet, I've managed to write every day since as well (although on Shadow rather than my novel as I need to claw back my my backlog).

All in all NaNoWriMo was a really good experience for me and I think I'll try it again next year.