I think someone made a topic here last year for this, so I'll do it this year... who's signing on? I was going to end up doing an accidental NaNoWriMo since I have a couple of novels I need to be mostly done with this year, so I let people talk me into signing up all Official-Like on the site. I'm haikujaguar there.

Any other takers? What are you working on? :)

I wasn't going to do it this year but I am. I'll be working on the rough-rough-rough draft to the sequel to Pay Me, Bug!

ubersoft on the NaNo site.

I'm not planning to participate, but I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel to "Pay Me, Bug!"

I'm in! This is year 5 of the insanity for me. I'm mixing it up a bit and instead of writing eye-wateringly serious fantasy (my usual mode) I'm writing a ridiculous formula romance entirely inspired by my love of Gilbert and Sullivan. November is going to be super fun!

Part of why I like doing NaNo is that the forums over there are a great place to get plotting advice, research info and pointers and insights from other people writing in your genre. Particularly useful if you're switching genres. :)

This is me!

*goes around adding everyone*

Cool! I heard a rumor that Createspace is giving you 5 free copies of whatever NaNo novel you write if you finish it? I can't find a press release though. If you can, tell me where to link it. :)

Also, oooooh SEQUEL TO PAY ME BUG. :D

I'm making first attempt at it (although realistically my goal is more like 20-25k. Hi, IRL). Capriox on the nanowrimo site too.

This is my 6th year doing NaNoWriMo, and as an ML. So yes, I'm knee-deep in NaNoing goodness right now! This year, I'm pushing on with Book 3 of Starwalker, hoping to finish off this arc of the serial.

This year, I'm being extra-ambitious: I'm organising a writer's retreat for the last weekend of November. Heading off to an island resort (just off the east coast of Australia) with about 30 writers all doing NaNo. It's going to be insane. (It's already nuts, and that's just the logistics!)

MCA: you get 1 free book through CreateSpace if you win. I haven't heard that they've increased it to 5, but that's not impossible. But it has been 1 book for the past couple of years.

You also get a 50% voucher for Scrivener for winning!

I'm Kess there too. :) Good luck, fellow NaNoers!

I asked Createspace and they said it was true: five copies this year. It's on the NaNo offers page here:

Good news for me! I save money. >.>

I'm in the midst of some picky rewrites right now, so I'm (supposedly) doing "nanofimo" (National Novel Finishing Month). I hope, however, to get the two novellas I've got on my plate out of the way by the end of the month, and I'll be doing something Nano-esque for December instead.

I don't know if I mentioned here, I got laid off in October, and I'm devoting that time to full-time writing now. So, just as I have always wanted, every month is now Nano.


I envy you, Camille... the days where every month was NaNo and not "spend 50-70% of your time doing administrative/project management tasks so that the books get out to your readers" are long gone for me. :P

On the bright side, maybe I'm that much closer to the "and now I make enough to hire an assistant to do that stuff for me" end of the spectrum. -_-

Well, the "administrative stuff to get the books out" is still there. As a matter of fact that's pretty much what I'm doing this month. But I don't have to do so much that isn't related to getting books out at all.

(And yeah, I am far from the stage of hiring an administrative assistant. The downside of layoff is that I don't have income. My writing income is a ways away from doing anything for me.)


The getting-books-out stuff is broadly applicable, definitely. :)

I have found that getting-the-number-of-books/editions-out-necessary-to-make-money... that part I underestimated when I first started out.

My other issue is... which books?

My serials are my least commercial books, but they're fun and I was putting more energy into them while I was doing the day job. My mysteries, which are more mainstream and commercial (but not _that_ commercial) take longer to write. Now that I have time I really should be concentrating on them more. But the serials are quicker (they're novella length) and they have some built in cross-marketing opportunities.

It's not that I'm sacrificing one over the other, though. It's more a matter of where my head is. The main thing I'll likely do for a while is cut back the rest of my blog for a bit.


We are halfway through! How are folks doing? Are you celebrating with fancy foods or writerly distractions like cat pictures? -_-

I'm about 3K words behind right now. I did pretty well last week and built up enough padding so that I could write Chapter 25 of The Points Between, and then I broke even. Then I got sucked into the Tony Harris outrage and spent a night writing a rant about that instead. Then I fell asleep. So I'm 3K behind now.

I need to pad up again so I can spend time on Curveball Issue 5.

And then I need to finish.

And then I need to rewrite it so it's funny.

Wait, you can write without being funny? Are you sure? >.<

See, this is why I like you. You say nice things! :D

The Points Between isn't particularly funny though.

But seriously, the nanowrimo piece doesn't have the right rhythm yet.

You're breaking my worldview here, ubersoft. >.<

Humor's a goddamned hard thing to write. Humor & romance. I feel like I'm shooting in the dark when it comes to that. So you have my respect if you can write either.

I am reminded of Data's comments in ST:TNG about understanding the nature of humor. :)