Need a topic

Hi everyone,

So, we have a long weekend coming up (in Ontario), and I'd like to do some writing. Truth is, I've barely written anything since Winter Rain died its premature death. And I've been working *way* too much on programming, the last (long) while. So, I think I should write something this weekend.

Of course, that requires plans, of which I am fresh out. So, those of you who've read any of my stuff, and have some general sense of what I'm good at, got any suggestions? I'd like to aim for something 10-20 pages in length.



* A girl realizes she's just been murdered. As a ghost, she has to use her limited ability to influence the world to get revenge (or point out the murderer) before she's forcibly moved on to the afterlife.

* A faerie noble in a modern supernatural story seeks to dethrone the local queen, in a noble court where all the players are immortal, yet just as prone to boredom as humans. Among a small cadre of individuals who rely on extravagant festivals, decadence, illusion and daily thirty xanatos pileups to stave off inevitable insanity-by-boredom, how can one pull off a real coup?

* A novice witch hunter takes up his father's mantle (and all the items he inherited, the trappings of the trade) to hunt a witch he ran into in his high school, in a story where the characters are ambiguously sympathetic.

* A girl infiltrates a cult to save her boyfriend, only to find the cult is practicing real magic, and plans on summoning a very real demon into the world.

* A young woman meets a satyr in the deep woods. He offers her magical trinkets in exchange for the smallest favors. Are his motives sinister or seductive?

I would suggest you go out of your comfort zone and write something you normally wouldn't.

A researcher realizes her data has been screwed with, but in an experiment that failed anyways, and she can't figure out why

a car wreck has left Mr. Hoover without a nose or sense of smell. Before today, he was a scent specialist for a perfume company, designing fragrances, and must now learn to live without a sense he sometimes used more than sight.

alternately, grab three random objects out of a drawer, and use them.

Hmmm topic, topic...

-Food that influences feelings

-Someone discovers that stars have voices

-An ear that can only hear thoughts (normally plugged with cotton until needed)

-A comedic love potion story

-"Just moved to the big city, everyone hates me"

-Life as a plant in a hotel room crime scene

Or sometimes settings can ignite a story:

-An ice cave

-Cabin by the lava flows

-Forest of candelabra-shaped trees

-High-rise apartment in New York

-Art Deco hotel in Los Angeles

-Ancient temple of Atlantis

-The moon

Stars do have voices, everyone knows that!

More seriously -- what Chris is good at:

- urban, busy environments

- vulnerable characters that have to mask it

- the nuances of power dynamics and conflict in relationships

- visceral action

- underdogs

- first person narration that enhances a scene (the events and the narration flow together, it never seems imposed)

I don't have a topic, but those are some of the things I've seen you do extremely well. Maybe you want to go with your strength within one of the other topics, or maybe you want to test out the opposite, but it's good to know where your strengths lie, right?

actually, on the stars have voices, i JUST came up with a similar idea myself, but im keeping it! lol. no but seriously, i just learned about songlines, basically a part of the aboriginal oral tradition are songs that describe the journeys that spirits took across Australia, that describe things they met. The interesting thing is, these songs, by containing landmarks, are actually maps that can be used to navigate. my idea is about a crashed ship, and a songline through space based on constellations and the frequency's of stars to navigate home.

Thanks everyone! I'll see what I can do this weekend. Hopefully, I won't be as rusted as I deserve. :) And I'll let you know how it goes.


Nice! We'll be waiting. :)