Need an outside perspective

Hey everyone,

I'm (slowly) starting to carve out free time as I actually have a working computer this week -- and I tried to shake off the rust on my website by doing a blog post of a joke that I've had in the back of my mind for awhile. However, this dumb computer won't show the image and the site won't seem to put the blog post at the top of the blog, yet it says it's published. Can someone take a second look at the site and see if it is displaying properly?

If not, I will delete and try again. If it's working, then it just means that the computer still isn't working properly. Either way, valuable information. Thanks.

Here's the link:

"Fun with Avengers"?

The post loads, but it isn't in the index for your blog section. The image is there as an attachment you have to click to view.

It's a Drupal site, so I can only offer you my condolences and suggest you contact MeiLin. ;)

I often find Drupal confusing. The only thing I like is the nesting chapters and selfgenerating table of contents. I won't bug Meilin about something I'm just messing around with for practice, but if posting chapters becomes problematic then that will need a solve. Thanks for taking a look.

ubersoft also knows the pal of dru.

I guess you already deleted it, because it shows page not found for me.

Two general things about Drupal that can trip up even people who are used to it:

1. The default posting format for Drupal is Filtered HTML. By default Filtered HTML doesn't support the img tag, so it's possible it converted your image tag to a link. When you use images in a post check to see if you're using Full HTML.

2. In "publishing options" make sure you have "promoted to front page" checked to make sure it gets put on your index page (if that's what you want).

Drupal is a lot less forgiving than WordPress and it'll drive you crazy at least twice a year. It's book content type is aces, though, and it handles taxonomy better than any other free CMS I've used.

Yeah I deleted it because it wasn't working and I have time to try again next week but not today.

I used jpeg to match the stuff I've got in the animal krackerz webcomics, and it still didn't work. I even copy and pasted and nada.

Ubersoft also uses Drupal, and can probably give advice there. That said, if you're finding you can't do something you used to be able to do and you're doing it the same way, you'll probably need Meilin since she did the installation.

yay I got it to work!!!

Yay! Congrats!