Need help! How does submitting a fiction work?

Hi guys, I'm new to this site and trying to get out a serial I've written which is up to 180 pages in 30 chapters already. How do I submit for review here? This site is really confusing.

This is the novel.

It's on the right hand side

Congrats on righting so much! That's quite an accomplishment.

Keep in mind that it takes around a month and a bit for the submission to be accepted, since there's a waiting list of decent length, so you might want to plan on that. Took me for surprise when my serial ended up submitted when I was on vacation in the mountains and didn't find out until three days later when I got my hands on some wifi.

Wow... I have a serial that I've been working on for a year, and I just spelled 'writing', 'righting'. It's fault, yeah, that's it.

I'm not about to put on my "judgment" hat, Walter. There's a reason I don't post much and that reason is that I make a LOT of typos.

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Sure... you don't post much.

I mean, I WRITE a lot. But I don't post much on message boards or whatever. I'm much more of a lurker.