Need help identifying a novel


I need help to identify the title of a web novel that i've read. Im not sure if I found the novel here or somewhere else, but after trying a few searches here, i came up with nothing.

The first chapter tells a story about a woman, who was raped, kidnapped and then thrown into a cave prison to die. But there she met a vampire that happened to be locked in the cave prison. The vampire was very weak, and took a bit of the woman's blood to regain his power, and together they escape. The story continues then, as the vampire (who happened to be the city's number one vampire) look for revenge to the ones who betray him and locked him down, and the woman adjust to her new life (since she cant return to her life), and there's some romance.

It was a completed novel. And the author also write an ongoing sequel.

The thing is, I would like to continue reading the sequel, but could not remember the URL, the title or even the characters' names, though I still remember the story pretty clearly.

Does anyone know the title of the novel?

Thank you very much

I haven't heard of it, but when you track it down, please post a link or something...that sounds interesting.

I tried searching for Vampire on all 3 web fiction listing sites (including this one), but couldn't find anything that met your description. Like Busterwolf1176, I'm also interested in at least taking a look at this.

I hope you find it and post the link when you do :D

Sorry, as a general rule I don't read vampire stuff.

There's a new shirt on threadless that I kinda want: "Vampires are irrelevant."

Still, if I come across it or hear anything, I'll let you know.

Hmm, haven't found it yet.

Im pretty sure i found the link either mentioned by an author or comic artist on their page, or it could be an advertisement (project wonderful)

Anyway, have any of you ever read Blood Moon, i reccommend it if you like vampire stories.

Truth is, I read Blood Moon because i became interested in vampire novels after reading this vampire novel that Im looking for.