Need some art feedback, please!

Hi all. I need some quick gut reactions, if you have the time. I'm working on new art for The Points Between and I've come up with two possibilities:

Thoughts? Preferences? Hate 'em both? I'm just looking for immediate reactions, you don't have to know the material, I just want to know if the images grab you, push you away, intrigue you, engender feelings of rage/disgust...

Thanks for your help!

There's no good negative space in the second one. Between the two, I think the first does what it's intended to and the style itself is pretty interesting in its own way. So that, since it hits the mark, I'd say I really like the first.

The second one feels kinda bland compared to the first, like, "Ooh, it's an unlit house!" The first one worked better for me to imagine that something 'bad' was in the darkness, but to read the actual story to see what. Just more compelling that way.

I like the red letters. I'm just a little annoyed that I can't find a hidden meaning behind why those letters in particular are red. Is there one? Would I have to read the whole serial to understand?

The first one, definitely. Golden ratio and all that jazz.

Tartra, the only hidden meaning of the red letters is that those are the letters between the other letters. :)

@ubersoft - Aw, I figured. :( It's still nice, but I personally - very personally - was hoping there was more to it, like they'd spell something out or add up to a number or... well, you know what I mean. Good use of red.

I would love to work something like that in, but... I haven't. :-/

I like the first one, just seems, I dunno, more ominous? They are bot hpretty good.

#1 for sure. You need empty space for a title like "The Points Between".

The first one is definitely the better of the two. The horizontal lines of the trees with the narrow path do well in a longer canvas like a book cover. The composition is better and it looks less photoshoped than the second. I would be more excited to pick up and read the first one :)

Thank you all for your responses!

I liked the first one. Not so much complexity related to the way the colors are shifted, which worked better for me. The extra detail on the trees and the house Less eye strain. I didn't care for the red letters not having any particular meaning.

Once again, late to the party.

Ooh, does this mean you're going to be continuing The Points Between?

I think the art suits the story well, leads right into the prologue.

I am! But it's complicated, and I'm still trying to work a few things out. Might post about it here.

I like the first one better, but personally I'd make the title much, much bigger. The image works well enough as a background for the title, I think.

to me, so far in the story, the woods themselves seem to be more important than the house, so it fits the theme better, and agreed, the open dark space, inviting and forbidding at the same time, really draws you in. the first by a longshot

(does this mean you're going to start writing it again? please pretty please. )