Needing guest content

Hi guys,

I'm taking a holiday off Street, so I'm looking for a bit of guest content to keep things interesting. If you have any stories lying around, or want to create something new, I'll be happy to run it as long as it's good! Any length is fine, and any subject -- I'd prefer cyberpunk or other gritty sci-fi but I'll consider any sort of piece. As I said, the only requirement is that it be good.

In return you'll get a big splash intro for you and your story, a link attached to every page/segment you contribute, and a permanent link off the Street site. I'll also consider writing guest content in return after my break.

Art would be acceptable as well, I certainly wouldn't turn up my nose at it.

Please post here if you're interested or e-mail me at cs - at - streetofeyes - dot - com. I'd like to run the first bit on wednesday if possible, but there's no significant time limit.




I'd love to submit some 55-word-stories to you. If that's something you want, I'll see if I can't hammer out some in the next couple of days. Maybe even some cyberpunk ones.

Check out some of my 55s ( ). I'm Ari Collins. Most of mine are further down now that the reader-submitted stories have outnumbered me.

Iv got a short 340some word short story you can feature if you'd like. :) Its featured here :

Talk to you another time later.

Hmm, I've got a sort-of grungy sci-fi story. About 1300 words, last I checked. It's not terribly violent, and just a little swearing. It's formatted a bit... oddly, but the extra stuff could be cut out easily.

Ari: I'd be happy to feature some of your 55-A-Day stories, as many as you like. Cheers for that!

Paul: Thanks for that, it's cool, but I think it's a little bit too far out of the subject matter to work for my readers. I'd like to feature your work, though. Have you got anything else more sci-fi lying around?

Tahjir: Swearing and violence isn't a requirement, y'know! ;)

I'd be okay featuring it without changes, if you like. Is it okay to copy-paste as is or do you want to do any more cleanup on it? (Or maybe that's a habit/compulsion unique to me . . .)

Thanks much for the interest, everyone!



Well, if it'll mesh well with your site, sure!

But of course I do :) Its not complete but theres 3 sections of it there as well heres the link :

I cooked this up one night in a practice session.

Paul: That looks better, but why the strange punctuation and capitalisation? It also seems unfinished. Do you intend to continue it?

Anyways, I'm going to start running the guest content today, just need to sort out which one I want to start with. Thanks a lot to all of you!



I'll bite.

I've got a short story I wrote about two-three years back.

You can put it up if you'd like. It's not cyberpunk. Or science fiction for that matter, but it's... different. :P

Right, first guest post is up! I've gone with Tahjir's contribution to kick things off. Thanks, Tahjir! I'll add One Last Autumn to my links section presently.

Ed: I'm gonna have to have a look at it tomorrow, just plain swamped at the moment. Regardless, many thanks for sending it in.



Thanks, Winter! It looked great!

No prob, Tahjir! Thank you very much for submitting the story.

Second guest post is up by Matthew Scharley, not sure if he hangs out here, but thanks to him anyway.

Ari has promised to write me a new 55-A-Day story for wednesday, so I just need to figure out something for this sunday and I'm set.

Ed: Apologies for being so late getting back to you. I liked the story, but I don't think it quite fits the site. Sorry about that. Still, thanks a bunch for sending it in.



That'd be me in disguise, and I loiter around, here and there...


AKA Spotty

Welp, I've decided to fill my last guest slot with an old story of my own. It's a little bit cringe-worthy, so don't read it if you're easily offended. ;)

Thanks again to everyone who submitted even if I didn't end up using your stories. Starting wednesday Street will be back to normal, and I hope to see you then!