Network for weblit, eBooks, pod/audiocast, etc

A new "social network" has been formed with the aim of being a nexus or "umbrella" to tie together the various strands of the "eWriting" community.

Originally conceived because the existing writing websites don't have sections for online literature and such, New Media Network is hoping to become a resource and connector for those who write for these new forms of expression.

It's brand new, but has started interviews, links listings, info on ware as well as just writing, and connects to several discussion forums, including this one. You can upload pictures of your covers or screenshots, as well as videos dealing with these matters. There are groups with discussions and hot mailing to other members, and you can forum groups of your own or start your own blog.

It has a really easy RSS feed add on each personal profile.

It's part of the "network of networks" and is therefore worth joining if only to take advantage of the powerful promotional abilities of ning.

If you've never signed up on a site before, it's suggested that you start at and set up a "ning ID", which makes it very quick to join other networks.

Also that you use a square avatar or personal photo. Around 150 to 180 pixels square seems to work best.

Come on over and check it out. Sign up now and grow it around you. If nothing else, it's another place to put your name and RSS feed and a link to your project.

Seems odd there isn't more response to this. Here's a network for web fiction, and where you can discuss ebooks and other stuff that requires more info, and nobody here is interested in that?

We signed up there and already met two movie moguls and a family of publishers who adopted us and can't wait to see us in print. Not to mention the groupies. At least we said we wouldn't mention them.

Starting up a new community for web serials is the new starting a web serial. Community gathers. Comminuty cliques off. Cliques form new communities. New communities clique off. New cliques form new communities. Someone decides to bring all communities under solitary banner on their

Story of the internet.

Dary: :-)


Well, whenever I run into jaded, world-wise "it's all been done before" wisdom from writers with no bio I figure it's a high school thing. Nothing wrong with that...wish I was back in school.

And this site is very central, takes in a lot of different levels of ability and aspiration. Just as there are writer sites where everybody is a newbie hoping to find the magic key to writing gooder, and others where people are more concerned with getting published or finding agents, etc.

But if you're at the level where you're trying to get read and build readership in as serious way you start swinging over to the more or less common wisdom you see marketers and promo experts reiterate: be everywhere.

The whole networks are about that sort of thing: outreach. Book Marketing Network has almost 5000 members and keeps growing. It doesn't "factionalize into cliques" because people aren't there to be cool: they are there to promote books and learn more about how to do it.

You can go on BMN and join a group of over 300 people right now. And you have 300 contacts you can mail an announcement to. Right now. How long would it take you to get 300 "friends" on MySpace?

That's the sort of mentality going on, and what this New Media network is aiming at. And the bigger it gets, the more it works. People come in there form the "cliques" and see forums links--to this forum, to, to Muses, etc. And they hook up.

It takes a couple of minutes to sign up on a ning site, put in your link and wahtever data, upload your picture, maybe a screeshot, and activate your RSS feed. Why wouldn't you want to do that? What's the downside?

Ultimately, heads up promotion isn't about that highschool clique stuff... it's about inclusion and growing.

You can spout as much predantic marketing spiel as you want, but the front page of this allegedly awesome netowrk is defined by the following terms:

Posted by Brewster Nedlum on October 11, 2009

Posted by Linton Robinson on September 4, 2009

Well, your "pedantic marketing spiel" whine there isn't all that civil, but hey..

As far as the post or whateve it is you're tryin to say, yeah, I post there.

It's a good promo move to be in places like that.


I joined.

Looked like another good place to mingle and network.