New author and story (Portal)

Hi everyone,

I'm Jeff, the newest addition to WFG. I'm the author of Portal, the first part of The Enhanced Series. I want to thank everyone who has visited my website from WFG. I hope you enjoy my story and my characters, even if they don't like each other.

I do post in the Blog from time to time about building the story and how I setup Wordpress to run a serial novel.

Let me welcome you to Web Fictiion Guide, on behalf of myself and the rest of Grey Island Press (so, pretty much just myself).

Sincerely, Alex5927, WFG's local sociopathic teenager

P.S. Grey Island Press is in no way claiming to be anything but a member of the site. I'm pretty sure the main moderator is Chris Poiroir, although if I'm wrong...I'll feel really stupid, but there's nothing I can do about that, and anyway, that's a normal phenomenon.

P.P.S. If you want, you could +vote my serial on Jukepop. I would appreciate it.

Hi Jeff. Good to hear from you.

In the interest of getting to know you better, I'm wondering about your past experiences in writing. When did you start, and what did you write in the beginning? Any big successes? Little successes?

One thing that doesn't come up often - how do your family and friends react to your writing? It's a lonely profession, and I think the feedback/lack of feedback can really shape how we approach writing (and can lead to very different motivations for serializing.

And in the interest of continuing to bombard you... how'd you get into serializing? What cottoned you on to the genre?

Well, I will admit that this is my first story that I've written for public viewing. I wrote stories as a kid for my parents and teachers but nothing like this. I used to play Role Playing Games and I wrote several modules for my group including background material and flavor text. I wrote a complete role playing book for the old game Wing Commander while in the military.

For five years, I was a staff writer on a very large Star Wars website. That was a success. I got to visit Skywalker Ranch twice. I created a comic strip that was accepted to run in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine but it fell through at the last minute. I decided the hassle wasn't worth it.

I hope that helps.

Greetings, Jeff. Welcome to WebFictionGuide. I have had some time free up, so perhaps I'll stop by and drop a not-so-family friendly word or two off in commentary.

Way to show up and appear to be one of the more experienced people around. While we're at it, how about claim to have bedded half the Suicide Girls while getting them to dress like Princess Leia in Jabba's Palace while playing God of War or something?

Ah, but don't mind me much. I'm merely the great and devious Psycho Gecko, resident supervillain of World Domination in Retrospect and minor commentary personality on a couple other stories. Don't let me scare you off. They're good people around here, except for Fiona. She's a good kitty.

I won't claim anything with the Suicide Girls but my wife did dress as Slave Leia at conventions.

I'm probably older than most here but my experience writing fiction for reading by others is not much. I just hope people like the story.