New Design Update

Hi all,

I have a new screenshot for you -- it's the new listing page. May yet make some changes, and I know that Eli hates the font, but, here's the current version: here.

The new site is much more context sensitive than the old. If you are in the "fantasy" section, for instance, reader recommendations will be drawn only from the fantasy section. Ditto for the new author recommendations.

I've still got to figure out how/if to integrate shelves into the listing page.


AWESOME, Chris. 'nuff said.

I think this looks great. :)

i like! if you can, integrating shelves here would be good imo.

The shelves idea is such a fun one... :)

And I like it. It's very clean and cool lookin'.

is there perhaps room for the Administrators, or the authors, to upload a custom image instead of a snapshot for their site, I wonder? It crossed my mind looking at it, and I didn't know. It might qualify as a feature. (In case the author has a logo-image that's that size, instead of the snapshot of their site).

Anyway. V. pretty.

Definite thumbs up, clean and attractive. Good job, Chris.



I like the overal design of the site, however, I don't really the font too. I'm also missing the cute little red plain-bird thingy.

To all listed authors,

If I implement a ""-style daily-rating-by-reader-votes listing, who would be willing to display and promote a badge for it?


Chris: I'd definitely not be interested. That sort of thing is cheap and cheapens every site involved, particularly the WFG itself, which should keep carrying itself like a professional review and listing site.



Hi Ryan,

I'm not suggesting replacing the main listing with it -- just providing a "today's top ten" listing on the home page based on the data.


Fire bad. New design pretty.

A top ten list might be an interesting idea, though it runs a risk- specifically, older and more established sites will almost always dominate the top-ten list, which leads to more people clicking on them, which leads to older and more established sites continuing to dominate, and you end up with a sort of static listing that doesn't really mean much.

Also, isn't there already a button that arranges things into an order-by-reader-vote? There might not be, I could actually be imagining that...

Poor Chris, we do work you like a dog, don't we? Or rather, like a Labour-Rabbit.

Chris: Yes, I know what you meant, but that doesn't make it any better. It'll just be a matter of who you can get to vote for you, and therefore who's got the largest number of mates with disposable online time. It'll be the same couple of listings in the top 10 every day, probably the ones who update most frequently, thereby rendering the whole system useless.

A _weekly_ top 10 would be slightly less unbalanced, one vote a week for each voter with an "in the lead today" display on the WFG site, and also gives it a little bit of tension too. However, with such a small audience as web fiction has the results may not be impressive regardless of the timescale.



I am not well up on these things but I have seen buttons that rotate sites? It says something like "WFG Member" and the link includes the next and previous site listing. It is a bit of a mystery tour rather like the random button on this site.

I have clicked on these in the past and enjoyed discovering new sites that way. I would be happy to display one of these on my sites.

i like what miladysa says. i would put a random listing button on my site. if it's a plug 'n play type thing :P

as for the 'top ten' list - i have to agree with ryan. i think what you already have with the editors' picks, latest additions and news board does the job well for wfg site.

and talking of adding buttons to our sites... where can i get a plain wfg one for now?

NiSp, you can find buttons and banners under Questions? > Graphics.

I'm not a big fan of the top 10 list widget either. I am planning to provide the random listing link on my upcoming webnovel, there is something beautiful in the chance of discovering something new.

Actually, the rotating links you guys are referring to are a link exchange ring run by MeiLin Miranda. She reads these forums, so I'm sure she'll eventually post with instructions on joining.

Web Rings! That term rings a bell. Never seen the one MeiLin runs though. The one I remember was part of the British Blog Directory or something like that.

Anyone who wants to get in on the ad exchange, write me at meilin at my domain name. Send me a Project Wonderful-sized button (117x30) and where you want the ad to go, and I'll send you the code for your site. When I see it on your site, I'll add you to the rotation.

Is that what the little button ad under the square ones on DN sites is? Now I understand why it keeps changing.

thanks janoda and meilin...