New e-book coming to Smashwords Nov 1st!

Hey guys! So I'm really excited to announce that the first novel in my free online web series "Eikasia" is being released on ebook!

Eikasia has been listed on WFG for years, and will remain a free online serial for people to enjoy. The ebook is just a new "premium" option for those who wish to read the same story, but with new material and a smoother reading experience.

The synopsis:

Nyx is a feline shape shifter, lost and alone, host to a fierce and ferocious being that lies deep inside her. She harbors a deadly secret and is running for her life when she is saved by Elmiryn, a cursed warrior on a quest for revenge. The pair quickly become unlikely allies and embark upon a perilous physical and mental journey that will put both their skills and sanity to the test. Ultimately, they form a unique and powerful bond through their shared trials and tribulations. Together they continue onward and follow a path that leads to new and remarkable discoveries of both the worlds around, and within them.

What Vicky Janik, a reviewer and book consultant, had to say about the new work:

If you guys check it out, please leave a review on Smashwords, Goodreads, or LibraryThing! :)

congrats on teh ebook! good luck.