New here and new on the web

Hello all, so nice to see a thriving community about something (Web based fiction) that I think is going to explode over the next few years. Anyway, we have launched The Secret Loft in the last week. It is a little different than most of what I've found a lot of sites doing.

We're not using wordpress (Custom programmed site).

We're not publishing sci-fi/fantasy/or horror which seems to be a little different than most web fiction

We have numerous "Books" planned each with a chapter released each week. Currently we just published chapter 2 of "In My Solitude" our first story.

I keep saying our as this is a husband/wife team. She writes the stories I write the tech... Phew, now that the introduction is out of the way I do have a question.

I think I submitted the site to be listed here, but not sure how the process works. I haven't seen it listed anywhere yet and haven't seen an email about it either way. Anyone let me in on how it works?

Also I would love to hear some feedback on the site or story to date as well. Looking forward to reviewing others webfic as well! Thanks for listening to my ramblings..And speaking for ramblings you should check out the Kurt Vonnegut talk that was posted today over at It was so inspiring!

I think I just found my own answer I saw this on the submission page too late I guess. "We generally require a minimum of 4000 words or 3 regular installments to be available before we will consider a new story or collection for listing" Hmm, with chapter 2 out today, I think we will be over 4000 now. Or maybe after next weeks instalment.

Do you think I should resubmit after next weeks instalment if the site hasn't been added yet?

Sorry bout the broken link, Derek - the new one's here.

That's the thing about permalinks, sometimes they are not always permanent ;-)

Hey! =D

I haven't read any of your posted work yet, but wanted to say I love your site design! There are too many sites out there that are packed with ads and extra bits, so it's nice to see something designed specifically for one purpose.

Thanks I appreciate that. Yes I found that too many sites as well lost their way when posting fiction online. Even the wordpress skin I was trying to squeeze the site into originally was just too laden with features and links we just were not going to use. So I decided to make it as streamlined as possible, if getting people to read the stories is the purpose of the website, then the story (and the words) should be the star of the show. Glad to see that message is getting across!