New layout -- would like feedback

Hi everyone,

I've redone my fiction website, with some new artwork I commissioned and a new theme. I've made some particular choices I think will improve readability, but I'd really like some opinions on how well it works for people other than myself. :-)

This is the new home page:

This is an example writing page:

I'm most interested in comments on whether or not it provides a pleasant and effective reading experience. Is there anything distracting you on the page? Is there anything missing? Does the navigation feel intuitive?



I found the navigation easier although I was not able to find a link (once I was reading a page of a story ) to take me back to the index on the home page.

I'm not a big fan of the white background - yes, I know pages in books are like that :)

LOVE the new artwork :)

I was a little worried about that home link. It's there (at the top) -- but probably needs to be clearer. I'll see what I can do.


The websites overall are clean and uncluttered, and the banner images are very nice.

I think overall however, the site needs to communicate more clearly what it is exactly. At first (due to the title and banner) I thought it was a web novel (if I had just stumbled in I don't think I would really know what was going on), then getting into it I realized it is more of a jumping off point for your works.

In regards to the jumping off point for your works, it may be beneficial to lead the reader to "start here" links for your respective stories so new readers can jump right in without potentially hanging on navigation.

For the writing page, the site definitely lends itself to emphasizing the story, and is very easy on the eyes, which would make for pleasant reading experience. I would have read it right now, but I am only just trolling the forums while working!

I really like it. And the banner artwork is amazing!

ambiguousFoo: Reworked the home page a bit. Hopefully it's a little clearer now. :-)

very nice update Chris! Looks great!

I think for your long story you need a "jump to beginning" button. It would help me and others that are just starting. Also, I always wondered why we don't indent text on the web. Now I know... it looks... weird. I would change it.

Dustin: There's a Begin link on the home page of both Winter Rain and Distance. Is it not visible enough?