New Review Schedule

I'm really sorry about being remiss on the reviews. Here's the new schedule

and the accompanying blog.

If you have a request, please drop me a line.

That's incredibly organized of you. I just sit down and read/review when the mood strikes me!

I've got to agree with what you said about only reviewing after you've read a decent chunk of a series. It's the main reason I haven't written any reviews yet, even though I planned to - I've hardly had the chance to read anything in depth!

I agree with both of you. I do my best to read everything that's been posted to date when reviewing something. Unless it's absolutely appallingly written, of course!

Hi, you don't need to read IAR just yet. It's going through another process of editing because the beginning was driving me insane. It should be up soon though, I just need to have a buffer available. So far 7 episodes are written, but I need a bit more depending on when I want to update.