New Rule

Tonight I rejected a submission because the author was being a prick. As a recent discussion here has shown, I do my best to tolerate pricks. But my patience has limits. Tonight marked the fourth time in three months an author has exhibited prickish, entitled, bullshit behaviour toward WFG. And I'm done with it.

To all the pricks out there: if you don't like the way the site is run, then go start your own. Because, as of three hours ago, being a prick about it will get you excluded from participation here.


(ie. the guy whose house you are in)

Fair rule, Chris. :-)

Courtesy is a necessary part of civilization. Go you for putting your foot down about its necessity. :)

I'm surprised you put up with the last guy as much as you did.

I'm certainly not complaining about the new rule. Entitled behavior makes my blood boil, and I'd rather have a community I can stand to interact with than a community with a handful more people.

Yeah, no argument from me there.

Could I ask if it was forum related or was it more about submitting something and then being impatient about including a link?

(And maybe it would be a good idea to put something in at so people understand what is not appropriate. Like "Submission is free, but may not be updated immediately. Please do not make repeated inquires about the status of your submission or your entry may be removed from the queue.")

I really don't want to go into details, but, no, this time it wasn't in the forums. Nor was it an inquiry about timelines (I'm always very understanding about those). I did reread the submissions guidelines, last night, and I think they are as good as I can make them without writing them in direct response to specific conflicts (which isn't good policy). As for the behaviour itself, it deserved the response it got.