New Site Development

Hi everyone,

As you can see, we have new forums software. I have news to go with it. :slight_smile:

@rocode (a long-term user of WFG and TWF, starting back in the days of Worm) contacted me about a week ago to let me know that he’s been spending his lockdown time developing code for a renewed WFG, and was wondering if we could do something with it. When he showed me the list of stuff he’s got already built, well, I was impressed.

After thinking about it for a bit, I had to admit that my own rewrite is going nowhere and that I’m out of fresh ideas.

I’d really like to see WFG survive (it’s 12 years old next month!), but it seems unlikely I’m the person to make that happen. So, we’re going to go ahead with @rocode’s plan. From both technical and community standpoints, I like the direction he’s proposed, and I think it will be good to get a fresh perspective on how to do WFG.

I’ll be sticking around for a while, to ensure a smooth transition, but ultimately plan to hand the reins (and the domain names) to @rocode, assuming things go well.

The new forums is the first step in the process. @rocode wants to use Discourse as the user account authority, as it already does a good job of things like GDPR. And that’s a first big step to getting us off the decade-old WordPress software we’re running now.

I’ve been impressed by @rocode, and I hope you’ll give him the goodwill and support you’ve always shown me.



Greetings everyone, and thank you for the kind words @cpoirier!

Moving the forums over to Discourse was the first step on the path to completing the WFG renewal. If you had (or have) an account on the old site, you will automatically have an account on this forum. For security and privacy reasons, all previous passwords will not work. Instead, left-click the “Sign In” button at the top of the page, then left-click the “I forgot my password” link to access your account.


We will be using the forum accounts as the “primary” accounts in WFG 2.0. You can follow the development log for further updates/timeline.

I am very excited to meet all of you, and hope to work with the community moving forward on site features and design.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please feel free to private message me on these forums, or talk to me on the Web Fiction Chat discord. I’m @rocode there as well.


This is awesome. Big thanks to both rocode and Chris.

Big thanks! You are a Real WFG Hero! :partying_face:

Awesomesauce. Thank you so much!
EDIT: there used to be an issue where logging into the wfg forums would log you out of the main wfg page (where you did submissions and reviews and such) and vice versa. Is that on the to-do list? It’s not urgent or anything, just, y’know, while we’re giving out great news …

Looking cool! Not much else to say (for now) but I’m excited to see how things go from here, feel good.

The way it will work on the new site is thus: If you aren’t logged in, the new (WFG) site will send you back to the forums login page, which will redirect you back to where you were on the new site. If you are logged in (and have logged in via the previous method at least once), you are automatically logged into the new site.

I hope that makes sense.

This is all very neat. I’m very excited to see this come together so quickly.

I’m looking forward to see where this goes.

Great news to see the site getting a renewal! Wishing both Chris and Rocode the best!

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