New Site's Overdue Intro

This week a new writer came to my site asking about tips on learning the ropes of web fiction and I sent them here. Then I remembered that I'd never actually come in here myself to let everyone know I existed.

So hi! I'm AeliusBlythe. I've been mining this site for good reads for a while. But I've never posted before because, though I write a bit myself, right now I'm more about exploring online reading than publishing any of my own work.

A couple of months ago I started It is both a public record of my own exploration of the web fic community and a place for discussion on issues, arguments, and trends I've found therein.

It has been great to discover so many voices speaking up to discuss, debate and rant about what I've come to believe is a distinct and fascinating literary movement. And the more the merrier! So I thought I'd (finally!) stop in here to let you all know what's going on over there.

Well welcome Aelius! It's good to hear from you. :) And no worries about the delayed intro, I'm more of lurker than a poster, so I have only made a small handful of posts in the year or so I've been a member. X)

I looked over your site, and it's a pretty cool idea, with a lot of stuff on it. I think a helpful place for readers/writers to explore further.

So, it was a pleasure to meet you. :D

Ditto. Hi.


Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the welcome guys! And I'm glad you liked the site. Hope I'll see some of you over there!