New to the Community, saying "Hello!"

Heya folks!

Got inspired to start back writing, and decided to follow the path of writing a web serial, and I've already submitted the one I started a few days ago. I've kind of drifted along for a while, allowing my creativity to become stagnant and barren, but I'm determined to put my creativity out there, and this is my first step!

I hope I can be a productive member of this community. Kinda nervous about these first few steps, so I hope everything goes well!

Glad to have you with us, bud.

Welcome to the party.

Things are prolly gonna go well, and if they don't, it'll be a learning experience. Don't worry about it.

...Ha, that is probably the worst thing to say to a person worrying about stuff, but oh well. And, oh, welcome!

Thanks for the welcomes and advice given everyone!

I suppose as long as i stick to the rules (and common sense) and don't be toooo awkward, then it'll all be fine, right?


Anyway, gonna go roam around the forums for a bit.

Hello, I'm new here as well. I very much like what Typist Kid says. I'm working on my first novel, while juggling all the other kerfuffle.

Hello and welcome to all the new writers. :)

Enjoy your stay and please, do not disturb the raven on the door.

Welcome! I hope your writer's journey is a good one!

Hiya, and welcome to the community @dirtydiana. Glad you like it.

Oh, hey. Whats up.


Now, I'm going to tell you what I tell every new member of our little writing community: don't touch my booze, and don't feed the hobo clown after midnight. Follow those steps, and you'll lead a long, happy, and productive... or maybe it was ONLY feed the hobo clown after midnight. I'm sure it doesn't matter. Anyway, you'll be fine here, the community's mostly friendly and unlikely to jump- by the way, where is that hobo clown? I swear, it's been awhile since I saw him, not since he gnawed through those chains with those gnarly fangs of his. Surprised he can even close his mouth, really. Ya know, you might hear the pitter-patter of big red feet soon enough, but just remember what I told you about feeding it and everything will be ok.

Anyways, welcome. No need to be nervous.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes! Glad to be here and it's been a great ride so far on the WFG train.

I have seen the legendary Psycho Gecko in Worm comments, which I just finished reading (have my eye on a few other things to start now), and I'm not sure what clown he's talking about, but I made a new friend recently; big teeth, smells funky, dresses funny and eyes me oddly when he thinks I'm not looking...I'm sure he's harmless though. I told him to watch out for the clown, and he seemed pretty grateful for the advice.