New to the game...

Hello to all and sundry!

After looking around the world of webfiction for the past few months, I have finally decided to take the plunge and begin posting my webnovel - Thieftaker - on the big and scary world wide web.

Crazy, hunh?! :)

Thieftaker is the (hopefully) first book or arc in a series of stories revolving around Daniel Therwood, a man cursed with the ability to steal men's souls. He lives in an alternate history version of our world, circa Elizabethan era. The main difference between Daniel's world and our own is that the fae are real, they're back and they're pissed. So they've covered the British Isles in a magical forest, taking back what they see as being their birthright. Only seven cities survived. Daniel works in one of them as a thieftaker, a proto-private investigator / policeman / bounty hunter.

Interested? So far I have the first two chapters up, with a good forty or so in backlog waiting to be posted. My current goal is to post an update every Monday and every Friday, French Time (GMT + 1).

I would love to get some feedback on it, so if anyone is interested, please don't hesitate to check it out - you can find the story over on or at this direct link -

I'm really new to this whole adventure, so a bit scared as to what is going to happen. Any advice, pointers or even vague encouragements would be most appreciated!! :)

Looking forward to being a part of your wonderful community,


Welcome to crazytown, James!

My advice is the same as Ray Bradbury's "Have fun. Don't think. Don't care."

Hi James, really liked your story so far.

A few things I would suggest - 1) you need to do something to make your home page more interesting. It needs a good book cover that matches your story to grab peoples attention. 2) I would lose the blurb about exciting time for fiction and launch straight in to trying to hook the reader into your story. 3)I would have liked to have been able to find the story by clicking on something in the main page, it took me a while to find Read on the menu bar, but maybe that's cos I am an idiot, 4) being picky here but in your "quote" on the front page you say it is the 16th century, yet the story opens in 1341.

Good luck, look forward to reading more.


Thanks very much! I like the advice, I'll definitely have to take that into account.



Thanks so much. I have posted a new chapter today, hope you'll enjoy it.

I'm also really grateful for the advice. I have already lost the blurb, you're right it was too much. I'll also be working on improving the front page and adding a link to the story on the front page. As for the quote, that is a total spas moment from me! I'll change that.


welcome james! glad you decided to do more than get your toes wet in this crazy world of web fiction. hope your stay is as fulfilling as you wish it to be...

just had a quick look at your site and i'd like to repeat Shan's comment: the 'read' button is lost on the menu bar. perhaps put a link either at the top of your home page text or have a clear link in the sidebar. it's probably the most important button on your site and it shouldn't fade in with the rest of the links. maybe consider doing what a number of other authors do and have two buttons/links - one for 'new readers - start the story here' and another for returning readers 'read the latest chapter here'.

it sounds like a good story and it has definitely been bookmarked.


Hello everyone!

Well, my posting the story on digital novelists didn't work out - there was just a bit too much fiddling to do with the site for me to work around. So I have started to post this story again, this time on Blogger which at my level of IT knowledge is more than sufficiently complicated!!! :)

Anyway, if anyone is still interested, I would love to get some feedback on the site, the links between chapters, etc... And please don't hesitate to leave a comment on the story if you enjoy it. Or even if you hate it!



Hi James. What is your new link?

Thanks for pointing that out Letitia!

I swear sometimes, I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

Here is the link: