New Twitter story by me

Well, I'm shouting this one off the rooftops -- starting today I'm publishing SIGMA, a brand new STREET universe story on Twitter. It will feature multiple story updates a day and is interactive; the main character will respond to direct messages and @replies. It's something you should be paying attention to! ;)

You can find SIGMA here:

It's set decades before the events in Empathy, none of the familiar STREET characters have been born yet, but the past has been known to echo into the future in some ways . . .

In any case, it's cool and you need to follow it.



I am so on board with this. Followed.

Thanks, Kyt, I hope you'll like it.



Well, onna these days when Twitter gets itself back under capacity and I can move somewhere on it, I'll follow.

I'm snarky about the idea of Twitter-fiction.

"...the zombies come out of the walls and..."

"...gun! We have to get out of here before..."

"Oh My God, he's got a..."

But it's just snark. I actually think it's a fun idea. And when Twitter lets me in, I look forward to seeing what you're doing with it.

Pete: This one is from a first-person perspective, basically a fictional character using Twitter to blog about his life. It was the best and most immersive idea I had out of my little list, and allows for the aforementioned interactivity, which is just plain cool.

I look forward to other people getting involved in the story. ;)



You kidding me, Peedee? Isn't that how Matthew Reilly made his millions??

(huh? you telling me that WASN'T a twovel??)

now i'm forced to join the twitter hordes. i have to take a peek... :P

This sounds like fun. I'm a new fan of 'Street' and can't get enough of the series. You have another follower.

Welcome aboard, mate. Another week of interesting stuff is about to commence. ;)



I haven't thought about using Twitter for novels... Are there any rules you're using, like for types of content or frequency?

Not really, just scheduling my updates around the main character's fictional life. That's about it. :P



This sounds pretty cool. I'm gonna follow along.