New WebFic Preview -- I need feedback before I launch

Hi There,

I'm starting a new web-serial very shortly and I've been working on web design for the site over the last few days. Please check out what I've got so far at:

There is also a preview of the first installment (still needs some editing, but I'm just using it to test out how things will look) for anyone who wants a sneek peak.

Right now, the story is written in Courier font, but I'm leaning towards leaving it as standard times new roman.

Please provide any feedback, I really want this to be the best it can be.



(C.R. Laforest)

The site looks good, but that Courier font is horrible to read. Please do consider a proportional, sans-serif font for the text. It will be a *lot* easier on the eyes.

Looks great! Makes me think vintage serial fiction mag :-)

Thanks for the feedback.

I've changed the font, for the better I hope.

I am going for the old-fashioned pulp adventure feel, so I'm glad that came across.

Much better, thanks. :-)

i like :) colour choice excellent and immediately says "loads of adventure, but even more fun". i look forward to reading it...

Good choice of colour scheme, and overall I like the presentation...but... BUT..!

The only real problem I have is that the header is TOO BIG! This may be just a personal thing. Too much scrolling to get to the story, maybe?

It does look like the sort of thing that would suit a retro-styled Flash-based front page complete with overdramatic voice-over. Then again, I know not everyone likes big Flashy "gimmicks" like that, plus they're time-consuming to make.

But I certainly do get Overdramatic Thirties Voice-over Man in my head when I look at the site, so well done there!