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After five and a half years(!) in business, the STREET website has gone the way of the dodo. Instead we have a new, slick page with some fresh art and (hopefully) a more navigable archive.

Please, tell me what you think! Whether you saw/used the old site or not, I'd really like to hear what everyone makes of the new stuff and features.

For the record, viewed the site in Chrome. I am not familiar with your old site.

Just speaking for myself, I find it's a little too spartan. The logo especially looks more like an inked sketch that's waiting to be colored (and it occludes the title, with the letters being see-through and the actual image not; so the eye doesn't scan it very well). Not to mention that the image was so obscured that it took me several views before I realized there was supposed to be an eye in the middle. The title logo/image weren't centered with the rest of the page.

I had to do some hunting to find both of the 'start here' links, and it felt like that was intentional design (frustratingly so). As in, I had to look past several other links before I found what I wanted (many of which were more self-serving social media or links to the ebook stuff)

Can't say for sure, and your story may have a particular feel that matches up with this well, but it doesn't scream 'cyberpunk' at me, mainly in the lack of the 'punk' aspect. It feels too clean, a layout that's too tidy and in control for a genre where the recurring cliches include dystopias, abused technologies and high tech lowlifes.

There's two broken images on the sidebar, below the RSS feed button.

I'm quite fond of the logo myself, so I'm going to have to respectfully disagree there. ;) However, there was a problem (the intended, larger version of the logo hadn't uploaded properly) which is now fixed.

There's a big 'New to STREET?' thing in the sidebar, which I thought would be enough, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to be a little clearer. I've switched things around a bit and added some mouseover info. I will always want to put for-pay copies front and centre, for obvious reasons.

Broken links are fixed, and I hunted up a nice background to jazz things up a bit. Thanks very much for your help.

I'm getting a server 500 error when I try to view the site. Is it still That's the domain I'm using.

Yeah, in trying to fix one thing, I screwed up another. Things should be functioning properly now.


I like the simplicity. If I were already a fan of the story, I would like the interface because it would not distract from the reading.

But as someone who is not already a fan of the story... when I land on the home page, I feel as though I've landed some place I don't necessarily belong. There is nothing enticing me to look further. There is only one word "above the fold" (i.e. that I don't have to scroll to get to) which tells me it's a fiction site -- and that word is in the logo and easy to misread.

When I glanced at the page, my eyes saw "Street: cyberpunk technology." I read it that way because, like a lot of people, I don't actually READ logos. I see logos visually, and though yours is actually fine for a cyberpunk story, it also would be fine for the kind of small business which would name itself "(something) technology" -- so when I see "logy" at the end of a logo, and there is nothing else to tell me what it's about, experience fills it in as "technology."

Of course, part of the problem is that "finalizing" and "new site" are generic and uninteresting -- and as soon as you replace them with better content, that will make a HUGE difference.

I think, though, that if this were a newspaper, you would want to "lead" more with your more exciting content. The top of your sidebar should have a pitch or blurb -- something to tell me that this site is there to entertain me, and not to sell me anti-virus software. It shouldn't start with the generic "latest posts" unless your posts are always really wonderfully titled.

Also, your "New to the Street?" shouldn't start with a sales link. How should I know if I want to buy it, or even start reading it? It should start with an "About The Street" link.

That's just imho.

Actually, the site is supposed to have a 'home' page with introduction. That appears to have been killed by some stupid plugin. Let me go and fix that!

There we go. Problem fixed, and hopefully made things a bit friendlier for new readers.

Street is one of my favourite webfiction stories and one which I can still recall clearly.

I think it has remained so strongly with me because I found it to be a "visual" story, one that was committed to memory through the graphic description of the scenes in the story rather than any "emotion" I experienced whilst reading it.

For me the website is easy to navigate but that's all.

I think the story deserves a more vibrant header. Something which immediately communicates the fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable story the reader will find there. Once they start reading they will be hooked, just need a tastier piece of bait to draw them in :)

Great, that almost fixes everything except....


Give that home post a more exciting (and illuminating) title and you're there.

It could say something like "Welcome to The Street" but since we don't know what "The Street" is.

What about "Welcome to Year 2091"? Or some other thing that evokes the mood of the story. Mood/world/theme is probably more important than plot. "Street of Eyes" is pretty vivid too.


Miladysa: Aw, thanks! That kinda made my day.

The trouble with the old site, apart from the aging back-end, was I got a lot of complaints that it was pretty but hard to read. It also needed some new art to bring it to life. I still like the header, I don't know what's not eye-catching about it! But I do have one idea I could try. Give me a few minutes.

DaringNovelist: Hmm. I'll see what I can do.