New with a few questions

Hi All,

Have been pondering this for some time and decided to use Nanowrimo this year to get a lot of the story idea I have down, then start posting in Dec.

I was also thinking about starting now with posts, but have them be about the "story creation" process-esp since it is set in the town I live in (though the story is Urban fantasy)

Do any of you post about your web fiction creation?

I don't do that very much. If I do, I put it in the comments after the post.

It's not a bad idea though. In the next version of my site, I think I'll probably have some sort of way to do commentary in the sidebar, thereby allowing me to say something outside the comments.

I've taken to writing a brief commentary at the end of each update, depending on how I'm feeling when I post it. Sometimes I just can't be arsed to spend another half hour+ reading through a chapter and writing a commentary on it, having spent the past 3 hours getting it online XD

When I was writing my current book, I did facebook status updates every day with my wordcount and how I was feeling about writing the story. Generally, this was positive, because I got some encouragement.

It's a tough call, I think, because while you're writing, you're just itching to talk/write about the story and, of course, you don't want to give anything away before anyone has the chance to read it.

Thanks everyone for your input. As I continue to look into the world of web fiction, I find it all very fascinating!

I have now and then. When my readership gets larger, I intend on having donation drives, with some of the goals to unlock "behind the scenes" posts, where I go over how I came up with things, where inspirations came from.