New Years Writing

Since it is only a few days into the year of 2012, I thought now would be a good time to post this up and see what you all reply with.

As a writer, what are your New Years resolutions or goals? It can be writing in general, a specific story, an event etc, as long as it deals with writing.

My goals are the following:

1.) Stay at least one chapter ahead of the story updating on my site.

2.) Work on finding at least one beta reader to help me with Shadow's Light.

3.) Find more affiliates to get to know and befriend.

I haven't really thought about this very much, but I do know that I want to regain my backlog of Shadow episodes which was depleted completely during NaNoWriMo. Currently I'm writing each week's episode in the week before it's due to be uploaded and I'd like to build that back up to around four weeks before - this might be a pipe-dream at the moment, but it's worth aiming for at least.

I would also, of course, like to continue building my readership, but it's difficult to set goals on that. I suppose I could say I'd aim to have a consistent increase in pageviews month-by-month.

Oh, Jacquelyn, the link in your signature doesn't work properly because of the hyphen. I think a space would be enough to fix it.

My goals:

1. Resume regular updates of The Points Between. The holidays really wrecked that schedule.

2. Do more stuff for Pay Me, Bug! -- a print version (via Lulu) this month (in preparation for a convention in February) and a re-recording of the podcast for possible availability on Audible.

3. To start on the sequel to Pay Me, Bug! after I'm finished with TPB.

4. To upgrade my EvisceratiNet site to Drupal 7 and rework the UnexploredHorizons portion to be a little more intuitive, easy to use, user friendly, etc.

5. And, of course, the resolution I make every year: To show them. To show them all.

Thanks Chris, I've fixed it, so hopefully it'll work now.

I agree, it's hard to set a goal of getting more readers, but we can always hope, and keep working on getting them.

Wow Ubersoft, busy year for you, but it sounds great! What kind of convention will you be going too? I've thought about recording my story as well, but I'd need more readers/visitors first. It'd be a really interesting process though. Your last goal sounds awesome, one I think I will borrow.

It's called What-the-Hell?!? Con, it's held every year at Guilford College in Greensboro NC. It's small, but it's a lot of fun. I've been invited for a few years now because of my webcomic, but I usually don't have any merchandise so my table looks kind of... odd. This year I could actually have something to sell!

Best of luck with getting Pay Me, Bug! done then! I'm sure it'll be a popular buy. :)

Currently, I've got three books worth of material written for the Legion of Nothing. What I want to do is get it published in ebook form.

I'm still in the editing process.

Wow Jim, that's incredible! Best of luck!

Good luck, Jim!


1. Update Worm consistently. Not so much a resolution as an ongoing goal (I haven't missed any updates yet). This probably means keeping a decent backlog.

2. Read other web serials. I've really let myself slip here, I'm a big fan of Legion of Nothing and there's a lot of other good web serials out there, but I've been so busy with writing and real life that I haven't had the time to keep up with them.

3. Review other web serials. I've gained a lot from Webfictionguide, as far as referrals, readers, feedback, and all that. I'd like to give something back, in turn.

Great goals Wildbow, I definitely aim to do the same with updating Shadow's Light consistently. You're other two goals are terrific as well, I really need to step up my webserial reading and reviewing. It's the only way to get things done!

Oh, gosh. Hm.

(1) Consistently update Above Ground every week until completion, estimated at August 20th

(2) Fully outline the sequel, Between Worlds

(3) Write more reviews. I have been lazy. :-(

(4) Be awesome and/or take over the world.

That's about it for now...

Among other things, I'm hoping to

1) Put out Volume Three of my work from

2) Complete and release a novel-length book collecting updates from Special People, without missing any weekly updates.

3) Write and self-publish a new short story every week on my blog (and release ebook/print collections along the way).

4) Complete at least two other writing projects that I have in the works.

This is my year to try to be as insane as the infamous MCM!

I also want to network more with the webfiction community. You guys seem like cool people.

A.M. Harte:

Great goals! I wish you luck on completing them all. Even the last one ;). Taking over the world sounds pretty exciting. lol

Tim Sevenhuysen:

Wow, that is a pretty daunting list of goals to accomplish, best of luck with that! I too also want to network more here, which was one of the reasons I put up this topic, in hopes of getting to know everyone a little better since I'm usually one of those shadows that lurk around.

I only have roughly a third of a year to work this year, but here are mine:

Edit the manuscript for the small press (done, turned in!)

Edit one of my trunked novels (haven't started yet)

Continue Black Blossom, my current serial (so far so good)

Write at least one piece of short fiction. (haven't started yet)

Go through my e-book backlist and tidy up/prettify the older books/book covers. (in progress, I just did one of my old books yesterday)

Issue one of my e-book novels as a paper book. (just put up for sale!)

Attend the launch of the small press novel over in Pittsburgh (travel is hard for me, but I'm going, God willing!)

So, so far so good. I wish I had more time. Ah well, don't we all!

M.C.A. Hogarth, those are some great goals, and it's good that you've at least started some of those since you have a limited amount of time to get them hope. I wish you the best of luck in getting these all done. Some of these goals definitely sound like fun though.

More of it is editing/publishing stuff than writing, which isn't as much fun, but... what can you do! Books need polish. :)

Ah, this is too true. :/ I'm sure it'll be something to be proud of when it's all done if it's not already. :D

I really like your #3 resolution there. Can you tell me about it, and what inspired you to decide it was important enough to put on your list? :)

Thank you, and sure no problem. It is my view that since webfiction is a steadily growing community, the more we link together and support one another's work, the better chance we have for visitors/readers coming across our work. But for me, it's not enough to just ask someone to swap banners, but to get to know their work, and even a little about the author as well-as long as they're interested in sharing. That way it's more of a genuine exchange, and not one that looks entirely so selfish (in my opinion). I enjoy meeting people, and learning their ideas/views that brought them to writing things, which is also why I want to get to know affiliates more. Hopefully that makes sense. :)