Newbie webfiction author

Hey everybody, my name's Grant and I have a relatively new webbook, er webstory, er webserial...netfiction? In any event I have words on the internet and it's science fiction set on Mars. I think I'm going to make a habit of posting new stories, and I'd like to know what anyone thinks about it. Site's called and first story's called Pipeline.

I tried for a sort of good realistic science fiction story, without being bleak or dystopian... something people won't roll their eyes at too hard if they read it in the actual distant future when it takes place.

Here's a link, hopefully <a href=""> </a>

Check it out!


Welcome, Grant! I was a newbie too not two or so months ago; now I'm just ignorant. Good luck with your web-thingy!

Very, very nice domain name on that one. (Although the A tag did mess up in the forum software *ouch*) I will probably be along at some point to check it out. Been spending a bunch of time editing my own work at the moment, but my interaction with the web fiction community goes in tides nowadays.

Writing science-fiction that future humans won't roll their eyes at it is an interesting goal!

I'm new too (at least around here) but it's thrilling to me that so many people are actively involved in the creation of new worlds (or at least, pushing the limits of our own) and exploring new ways to tell stories.

I've enjoyed reading Pipeline so far! The first couple of updates seemed a bit dry, but once it gets to Mike and the narrator in the transport it almost starts to feel like a classic colonial adventure that may just as easily have been set on Earth (except, of course, that wouldn't be as much fun).

I also really like the subtle use of humour: "...and that's a shameful way to get anywhere" made me laugh.

Love the website name!

On layout/design: Your site's a little plain, have you considered doing some sprucing? I also found the width a bit eye-painful -- perhaps consider a fixed width length for the fiction to make things easier on the eye?