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So, I am editor-in-chief for my school newspaper (I have a fedora and everything), and I'm supposed to write at least one real article per issue, along with all of my editor duties (meaning outsourcing all of the real work to my assistant, which I also have). I couldn't think of anything good, and then I was looking at buzzfeed, and thought, "hey, web fiction" (there was a lot longer train of thought after that, but I'll skip it). So, if any of you people want to/have the time to answer some Q's, just email me at my web fic email (I have an email for everything): [email protected]

If you're wondering what Grey Island Press is, it's a part of a joke a friend and I played on a girl that was a really terrible writer, and I just stuck with it.

I think I have enough volunteers for the article. I thank everybody who emailed me. Once I have finished the article, I will put it here to make sure everybody feels good about it before going forward with the printing. Again, thanks to the volunteers.

You're not a real editor until you have a fedora ;)

The article goes out in just a few weeks (first issue is in November; it's a long way off, but there was a whole big thing about people...well, they were being stupid), so I thought I would put it here:

Web Fiction is, put simply, a form of writing published through the Internet. It has a large community, and can utilize other media forms such as audio and video, as proven in Bastion: The Last Hope, by Rob Osterman [] . But, beyond that, what exactly is it?

Well, most web fiction is a lot weirder than traditional books. The main theory as to why this is is that published novels need to make money, while web fiction is usually released for free. This means that, because published novels must make money, they are chosen by the publishers. The publishers pick books that already have a large audience, which means that they must be at least somewhat similar to already-published books, so that people will continue to buy them. However, web fiction is almost always released for free.

One of the most popular forms of web fiction is the serial novel. Serial novels, in case you don't know, are a form of novel published in installments. They were very prevalent in the 1800's, with most of Charles Dickens novels being published in that form, with the full book being printed later.

Of course, web fiction should not be confused with e-books, such as the books sold by Amazon for Kindle, or by Barnes and Noble for Nook. It is a common agreement that e-books and web fiction are different media forms. Sometimes, web fiction is compiled into an e-book, but other than that, e-books and web fiction are two different things.

There are many different places to find new web fiction to read. A favorite of multiple authors is Web Fiction Guide [] and Muse's Success []. Also, one of the most popular serials, Worm, by someone who goes by the name Wildbow, is available at []. It is about a teenager who is bullied at school, and has the super power to control bugs. She joins a team of super villains in order to take them out from the inside. It is very long, clocking in at around 1.5 million words and counting, over twice as long as Atlas Shrugged, one of the longest novels in the English language.

If I have any facts wrong or requiring update, reply to my post. It was written almost a month ago, so it may be a bit inaccurate. Also, if you don't like the way you are represented in the article, say so, and I will change it.

Good article. You covered key points in a straightforward way and made good use of quotes.