Next #serialchat (US) - 9pm EST Wednesday, August 28

Topic: Getting readers/Promotion

More details and transcript of chats will be posted at

I'm going to put this one on my phone! I completely flaked out for the last one -- very sorry about that.

This sounds fun! I think I'll try it!

But for real, I suck at time zones, so it took me forever to figure out what time it would be where I live (seriously, it took me half an hour to find a map with all of them on it that I could use; I suck at all things geographical). After that, I won't miss it if I'm in the hospital, getting brain surgery.

No worries about missing the last one. I knew when we made the announcement and there would be "lag" that people would forget in the interim.

Alex - we're supposed to also have one more chat to announce with times that are more friendly for the GMT zone (EU) but I have to poke Kira at Epiguide to see if she's narrowed on a night/date yet. I'll post here and on the blog when I find out.

As for the surgery - oh wow (hope it goes safely and smoothly) - don't worry about missing it. We can fill you in if you miss it...

SgL, I'm in the US. Also, I suck at reading people through the Internet, so, just to clear anything up: I am not getting brain surgery. That was sarcasm on my part.

Who'sajiggawhat? What's all this thing?

I'll do my best to be there.

hey alex - I'm glad you were kidding.

Psycho -- If you're on twitter, we use it to chat using the hashtag system. Not sure if you are or just need more guidance--

but this may help:

It's like an AIM chat but public. In that sense others can jump in (if they catch on) or others may watch. It can get a bit unwieldy though so I advise kind of signing up beforehand so you can sort of figure out how twitter and the twitter clients work.

FOr chats I usually default back to Tweetdeck.

ugh, I can't believe I missed it. I beg your humble apologies. I am a scatterbrain.

Oh FFS, I missed it again. :(

I'm so sorry, I missed it too. :( I've been out of it all week and it passed me by before I realised it. I'm so sorry.

Will tattoo the next one on my forehead.

My apologies too. Every time I saw this thread, I thought, "Oh that would be a great thing to take part in, I'd better remember to do that." And now here I am looking through the forum threads for thoughts on using Twitter to build readership. <forehead slap>

No worries. I was trying a weekday (as requested from other folks who didn't make a weekend) and I am mulling whether to go back to a weekend. (I did not see a UK/EU chat materialize and so it looks like I may go back to trying something like Fri or Sat night.)

I won't be able to lead another chat in the US timezones until beginning of OCtober though. Pretty much September is going to be a wash for me with travel and conventions.