Next week I start my new project

The announcement is here:

I am equal parts pessimistic and excited about it. Well, I'm probably more excited than pessimistic. Except for the times I'm more pessimistic than excited. You know what I mean.

Your intro post made me laugh. And really, it's okay to start on something that you haven't finished, as long as you give yourself enough time in the schedule to keep writing the back end as you post the front end. That's how I've done almost all my online serials so far, and while it takes some practice (my first attempt became a 1000+ page monster that I later edited down to 800 pages!), it's completely do-able. It's even a lot of fun. :)

Also, the prologue to your story was intriguing. Pray, continue! :)

Speaking of which, is Pay Me, Bug! ever going to end up in an e-book format? I am one of those guilty people who doesn't keep up with serials much, but does read the collected versions if I can find them. >.>

It already is, actually. It can be bought early through my site via PayPal, but will be appearing at the B&N & Amazon & iTunes stores shortly after the late October end date. I have ISBNs, though I'm still trying to figure out how to fill in all the information the ISBN form requires, and I'm a little fuzzy on the final step of actually getting it on the sites (specifically for B&N and iTunes, the Amazon one is pretty straightforward).

Normally I wouldn't be worried about writing the back as I post the front end, but The Points Between is a story that is pretty far out of my comfort level. My comfort level is a smartass protagonist and his smartass cohorts involved in wacky hijinks. This is quite a bit more serious and strives to even be moody, dreamlike and thought provoking. It's a little nerve wracking.

Still, if you're going to fail, fail big!

Very good. I have a kindle, so buying from Amazon is my path of least resistance. If I have to mechanically load someone's story onto it, they've probably already lost me... I don't have a lot of spare time these days. I haven't even re-installed iTunes on my temporary computer here, because I don't have the energy to manage my iPod. -_-

Anyway, absolutely. It's no use doing the thing you're comfortable with. Spreading out is helpful. It's why I wrote Spots, and I learned a lot from Spots, when it's rare for me to learn anything from writing normal novels. :)

It looks like you're really stepping out of your comfort zone here and yet exploring something that fascinates you. Best of luck :D