NIU Book 1 Post Mortem

So, I decided that I really should be doing retrospectives on Nowhere Island whenever I finish a book. Right now, I am two books deep (ok, you guys won't be able to see the end of Book 2 until sometime in November) so I thought I'd better start right now. However, before I link the retrospective, I'd like to take a moment to thank you guys (especially Tartra and Billy) for all the advice and help you have given me. So far, this has been amazing. I have gotten to write a web serial that has, so far, gotten decent reception. I admit, I kind of was on a bit of an ego trip when I started and thought I'd be doing better than I am now. But, honestly, I'm happy, actually happy with the ways things are. Besides, I can still improve.

Anyway, here is the link to it. Hope you guys find it interesting.

Congrats on getting this far! I hope there's a ton of other NIU books on the horizon. :D

Thank you, Tartra! And yes, there is more to come. In fact, there is probably a lot more.

I'd be very interested in seeing what your stat growth/pattern was like, if it's no trouble. If you plan to do more of these, you could estimate stat growth as well.

You know, Wildbow, I might put that in an update. However, I can give you some quick facts. First off, readership on the Wordpress site spiked between April (796 views total) and May (3,069 for that month.) Book One finished in June, which, at 3,922 views, was my best month so far. This month is actually looking to be my worst month since my best. It kind of feels weird to say I've *only* gotten 3,040 hits this month. On the other hand, ever since it was introduced in March, I've managed to get my Patreon earnings up to $30 a month.