Not Your Normal Review Swap

I want you to review Eric Burns's Interviewing Leather, which can be found here:

In return I'll review your serial (or, if you'd rather, a serial that you want to see get reviewed).

Why? Maybe it's a lil bit of community fosterin', maybe it's just because I want you to read a good story. Idk, I just wanted to try the idea out this week. I'll review serials for the first four people who give me a serial to review (if that many even take the bait).

Aaaaaaaaand, go.

Already done. Was a good read.


I flicked through the first few paragraphs. It seems like it's written in my kind of style (as in, the style I like to read). I'm going to go through it for my own sake, but I can't promise a review until I finish writing said review.

So put me down for a 'maybe'.

@Billy - Thank you for taking the time to even put this out there. It's a great idea.

Before I saw Wildbow's comment, I was tempted to make a similar joke.

Wildbow, are you some kind of robot? Do you not need sleep? What is your secret for being so productive?

Cool idea! I'll give it a go. :) My serial's in my sig.

It's not a matter of Wildbow being a robot. Some of us have just already read it. I don't think he ever finished the sequel, though.

I believe finishing the sequel is on Eric's to-do list, but there have been Things. And Stuff.

All right, I'll do it -- and you owe me a review for when I get listed!




The Other Kid of Roommate

The Bitter Drop

(possibly T4nky's serial?)

- Haha, I talked to Wildbow, and I am writing a review of Twig. Is Wildbow cheating? Yes, but cheaters always win, so I'll allow it.

- Tartra, glad you like the idea. I'll put you near the bottom of the list, but no pressure if you end up not writing a review.

- T4nky, do you want a review? Because you're not saying you do, but I see an empty Interviewing Leather review. Whatever works, just lemme know what you're thinking.

- Sounds good, Nina!

- Haha, alright Isaac, alright! I'm already reading it, so np!

- You'll notice that, depending on what T4nky says, I might be reviewing five serials, instead of four. I hope you heathens are happy! But either way, and I'm going to put this in caps for the skimmers, I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING SERIAL SUBMISSIONS. That said, there's a decent chance I might do this again, so like don't freak out.

I would definitely like a review. However, I would also like to thank you for introducing Interviewing Leather to me. It is quite a wonderful serial, and really hits my need for stories that talk about people you don't normally think about, and in looking at how systems work (or don't work.) This was quite a good read.


I just finished reading it - for my own sake, as promised. I'll be writing a review for this, certainly.

Aw, I missed my chance. I was actually going to review Interviewing Leather, and just saw this post.



Nowhere Island University


The Other Kind of Roommate

The Bitter Drop

Glad you guys are liking IL. Your review made for a good read, T4nky.

Emma, I don't think I'm going to re-open submissions once I review these five, but there's a halfway decent chance I'll do this for another serial.

I'll keep my eye open for it then for if you do decide to do it. If not, then I missed my chance. Not a big deal. I really don't have that much to review anyways, so there will be time to build up.

I promise, one day, I will write normal-sized reviews. I will actually be editing this one down a little, but there you go. As relatively promised. :)

Tart, don't lie. Normal reviews are for others, you are unique and such a darling.

I LOVED it, Tartra.


Nowhere Island University

The Other Kind of Roommate


The Bitter Drop


So I planned on taking a couple days off from reviewing, but I just realized that I should have TOLD you guys that. Sorry if you were waiting around and being like, "wtf." The plan is to have the review for TOKOR up sometime next week.

Painted Bird and I have already talked, and he wants a review sometime in September. So that's cool.

Nina, I'm chill for reviewing whenever, but I'll probably wait for you to review IL before I review Fooled.

No worries, Billy! That just gives me more time to frantically tidy up the chapter nine that I gutted over sad vodka and ice cream. Ohhhh, the rewrites that one's taking...