Novelr Ad Spots

Just getting this out there: Novelr image ads are available for $5 a month, $4 for the remainder of January. It's a 150x150 image ad, at the very top of the sidebar, and ads are on random rotation with a maximum of 5 ads per month.

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Novelr is served mostly to online writers, with a few academics and a constant supply of Stumbleupon readers, so if you've got something you want to get out to the community, or to the above audience, feel free to contact me at shadowsun7 (at symbol), or visit this page.

Just so you know, Eli, I'm planning on taking you up on an ad spot after I move from New Orleans to Maryland and get my story back on track. By the way, this is kinda late to be saying so, but I'm glad to see Novelr's back in action. Your Ultimate Blooking Guide was a huge help when I was starting Children of the First, even if you do use the ugly term "blook"...