Novels Online

Hi all,

Per the announcement on the main site, we've created a stripped-down portal called Novels Online (dot info -- the other three TLDs were taken). We are targeting this at people who don't want to read or write reviews, who don't care about the sort orders, who don't care about long descriptions . . . it's basically an organized link collection.

Have a look and let us know what you think. Feel free to post feedback here, on the announcement, or send us an email to [feedback at webfictionguide dot com].


That's really lovely. And a very good idea. Actually, the big use of that novels online page -- for me -- is that I can access it and read it comfortably through my phone. It's a smart-phone, but it's not an iPhone, so some web-pages are still not easily navigable. That page shows up really nice. Always a perk. :)

I like it. Very simple, ridiculously easy to navigate, with a link to more options (wfg) down the bottom. Two thumbs up ;-)

@Peedee -- Good to know about the smart-phone. I tried to keep the HTML in this one simple.

@nomesque -- I'll take "ridiculously easy to navigate", but it does suggest we've got some work to do with the main site, if that's the contrast. :-)

Thanks, both of you, for the feedback.


Great and clean look. I think it might come in handy to have an overview of new works which get a good grade, if you miss out on some new reviews.

Wouldn't having an "overview" defeat the purpose of the portal, i.e. "basically an organized link collection" as Chris put it?

The tag line and any review excerpts I've had time to put in are available on rollover of the link. If you need more information than that, click the "info" link and you'll be taken to the WFG listing, where you can find more information than any person can use. ;-)

With overview I meant that with one glimpse you can now easily see if a title has been added to the 5 stars ranking.