NPR Talks to the Founder of Smashwords

You can't listen to it (except on the actual radio) until 7pm Eastern, but here's the link:

Ooh can't wait to hear it. I'll share this with one of my webcomic friends, too. She often feels lonely with her decision to self-publish. Thanks for posting, Jim!

Honestly not a lot got said that wasn't already out there. There was a lot of "hey, publishers aren't about publishing they're about making money" and "the future is in self publishing" and "anyone can do it!"

I was rather disappointed really, but if I'm being honest I'm not a fan of Smashwords because they do not allow the sale of short issues, only completed "full" works. This hit me in particular because I was trying to use the sale of 0.99 issues to bolster one of my web novels and am able to do so over on Amazon.

Well, to be fair, I don't think the interview was made for us, as savvy as we are. I mean, there's still a lot of stigma out there against being self-published. Just the other day my friend tweeted about how being self-published was like having a cardboard box for a home, or something. -_-

Yeah. I was passing it along in the "hey, here's what the general public is hearing about this" sense instead of the "full of new information" sense.

Sorry... didn't mean to snark on that. :)

I chose to go with a small press instead of self publishing. It makes little difference in sales and promotion, but it does look better on a resume. Many writers are also professors, and since everyone and their mom has a Master's these days, a novel from a legit publisher looks very good.