Objection to capriox' Review of Arcana Magi

I just finished reading capriox' review of Arcana Magi and I have an objection to a part of the review that is off. For the most part the review was good pointing out what the story was about and what was wrong with the writing.

But it's at the last paragraph I don't like.

capriox States:

*if so, check out Strange Little Band first'

According to the review rules of Web Fiction Guide states:

'To the best of our ability, we try to rate objectively, not on our likes and dislikes, and not to what might be popular (we have separate measures for those, that our whole membership participate in: recommendations and reading status).'

What I also didn't like was that capriox was able to read the first five chapters AND is willing to continue to read upon the wroter's improvement, but still recommends everyone else to not read Arcana Magi and go read something else. So what is it? Is capriox giving the author a chance to flurish in both writing and readership or no chance whatsoever? Or is the reviewer saying that only capriox can give the writer a chance, but everyone else shouldn't give said writer a chance at all?

Finally, I read the 2 star reviews done by capriox and nowhere did I see this statement at the end of those reviews:

'*if so, check out Strange Little Band first'

Which was put in at the conclusion of the Arcana Magi review, after giving 2 and a half stars. A half star more than the 2 stars reviews without the Strange Little Band advertisment. I question as to whether the reviewer has an investment to this story 'Strange Little Band'. That capriox was willing to go out of the way to advertise this particular story in an Arcana Magi review or any other story review. Arcana Magi has nothing to do with 'Strange Little Band'. I have looked into many over low star reviews in Web Fiction Guide and I have yet to see a reviewer say "Go to this [insert name] story instead".

So we have a review that concluded with, hypocrisy, bias, personal dislike of a genre, and telling us readers to go 'check out Strange Little Band first'. The review was fine without that last paragraph and I find it unfair to us readers of the Arcana Magi Review. We should decide for ourselves if we want to invest our time in reading any story and not be dictated to not read this story and go read Strange Little Band.

Hi The Unknown,

Two things.

1) capriox isn't an editor of the Guide, and so is free to review however she wants to -- as long as the review meets our standards for honesty and courtesy (which it appears to do).

2) Rather than write 500 words on why her review doesn't reflect your own feelings about the story, why not write your own review and explain what it is you *do* like about it, and give us all the benefit of another perspective.

In this case, Mr. Brown actively solicited reviews -- good or bad -- and so I'm sure will be happy that somebody was willing to say anything at all.


The Unknown -- P.S. In case your spam filters nail it, I sent you an email that you should read. Thanks.

I'll concede the last bit was not the most relevant. It was an impulsive addition because I happened to be thinking about corporate conspiracy stories and SLB came to mind. I'm going to go remove that bit now.

ETA: For the record, I have absolutely no connection with SLB; I'm not even a regular reader.

I stand by the rest of my review, though. My interpretation of the reader reviews at WFG is that we are supposed to give our opinions, i.e. likes & dislikes. This isn't a critique circle, where I might try to dispassionately evaluate someone's style. I'm just trying to help other readers figure out whether or not they should try a story and what to expect if they do. I don't hide my biases, because knowing what my preferences are helps other readers judge whether or not they want to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I also make a point of reviewing stories whether or not I think they're good, because there's no point to a review guide if every post is "this story is soooooo good! glitter shiny!". In fact, I had missed Mr. Brown's solicitation for reviews in the forum, because my habit is to go directly to the unreviewed listings page of WFG and surf around there for stories to try out. As it happens, Arcani Magi was in that listing, so I tried it. Now other readers know the story exists and that they should expect X Y Z when they click on the link. Any feedback to Mr. Brown is a side benefit.

You may not realize it yet, The Unknown, but of all the players in this little drama, you come off looking the worst.