OMG Fibi, you are so cool

So I'm currently in Halifax attending theological college, away from my home in Ontario and my kids and my routine, so I have insomnia. I haven't built a new routine yet, give me a minute, okay? Anyway, I came on WFG to see if anything interesting had arisen, as is my wont, and lo and behold, there's a review from Fibi.

It's long, and analytical, and in-depth, and funny, and takes different approaches, all with eloquence and interest, and sometimes I disagree and sometimes I agree and the entire time I'm enjoying it and learning about someone else's perspective. It is a thing of rare beauty, and I just wanted to say I am impressed.

But it's Fibi's FIRST review on WFG. That is a great start! It kind of amazes me.

I am impressed, which is not easy to do.

I want to say "Welcome!" and "Nice work!" and "Where the heck did you come from???" because that was cool.

Also, did you read "Worm" in a binge? Because reading it over the course of a year changes some of the experience, and reading it in a few days is a different experience again, and so would options in between, I'm sure. That's one of the interesting things about serials, and how long you spent with the text actually can change how it affects you. I just want to know (indeed, I think for long stories like Worm it may be helpful for any reviewer to note how they read it) because that provides further perspective on your very interesting perspective.

That was a fun review to read. Thank you.

It was a genuinely fascinating review to read, and it made me think about the serial in ways I hadn't. I'm not sure I agree with one of its main points, but that's largely irrelevant -- I was able to see how the reviewer processed the story and how that affected the perception of the story overall in relation to the individual arcs within it, and in that context I could see what the reviewer was pointing to even when I didn't necessarily interpret it the same way.

So... agreed. It was a great and thoughtful review.

Read the second review. Hilarious! And stay off that coffee now! Off I said! Off!

Was that Fibi's first post ever? Or have we seen him around before?

That's funny, Gavin. Fibi's Worm review actually reminded me of you a little bit.

Agreed. That's a quality review.

Thank you, Fibi!

OMG I just got a Fibi review! That's so cool! <3 The best part was the mention of the dolphin. That made my week. And the review comes at just the perfect time to help me address the issues mentioned in the ebook version.

And as usual, it's very long and very helpful. Probably the most helpful review I've received to date.

Thanks, Fibi!