Once my story is listed, how do I get a screen shot to appear with listing?

I think the title speaks for itself :)

Do I need to add a screenshot? Do the editors do it? Just want ot make sure I cover all my bases.

Thanks, y'all.

Hi Amber,

I usually get around to taking the screenshot within a day or two of it hitting the vetted list. I've got four or so to do tonight, including (I think) yours.


Great. I'm not in a hurry, I just wanted to be sure it wasn't anything I was responsible for.

Thanks for the quick reply :)

On that note - I've been waiting for a screenshot for a while myself (arcadia snips - link here: http://webfictionguide.com/listings/arcadia-snips-and-the-steamwork-consortium/ ) but haven't gotten it - is it something that I have to wait for an editorial review before I get it? I've also been wondering about the 'Recently Updated Listing' bar - I update every Monday; is there some way I can get it to appear on that bar? Or is that more along the lines of something the editors here do? Also, are editorial reviews just something that happen naturally, or is it something that you request?

A thousand pardons if I sound a little pushy; I just couldn't find any information on these details, and didn't know where else to ask (and this thread seemed like a good place to start!).

Hi Robert,

I usually do the screenshots when they hit the "Recently Vetted" list, and, yes, that does require an editorial rating at or above 3 stars. Given Nicole's review, I've asked one of our editors to have a second look at it for an initial rating.

In terms of the "Recent Updates" spot on the home page, only listings with a 4 star or better editorial rating will show up there. Given all of the questions about it, recently, I think I'll retitle it, to make it a bit clearer. The idea is to put only the best work on the home page, as we want to make a good impression on readers new to web fiction.

In terms of editorial reviews, they do just happen when one of us gets around to it. Unfortunately, we have way more listings than we have time to review, so we tend to review the stuff that grabs our interest. However, on a positive note, Nicole's review has got me kind of curious about your story, so I might try to fit it in.

Hope that helps clear things up.


Robert -- Well, ask, and sometimes you shall receive. :-) Linda gave your story 4 stars, and I've enabled the feed on it, so it should start showing up in a variety or places (including the home page).

Everyone -- I've also caught up on screenshots. If you have an editorial rating of at least 3 stars, and there isn't a screenshot, please let me know.


Oh, and Amber -- your site is gorgeous. :-)

I've noticed that the RoYds feed is only updating on WFG occasionally.

I've tried to resolve this myself - I have resynced the feed, pinged it and also checked the feed validity (feedburner reports it as healthy)but the updates only show up here and there.

Miladysa -- I just changed the update frequency of your listing to twice weekly, and updated the filter used on your feed for your new naming convention. Hopefully, that will fix the problem. Bear in mind, though, that we don't poll RSS feeds as frequently as a home reader would -- yours will be checked every 3 or 4 days, at present.

Thank you :)

Thanks! I appreciate the help! If I can bother you for just two other things (and apologies if this is totally the wrong place to ask questions like these), I wanted to ask someone - 1) Can I edit the tags of a submission I've already added (I forgot to put in 'Young Adult' and/or 'Teens' - Arcadia Snips is intended for a Young Adult audience), and how can I add a visual avatar to my membership?

I've added the tag for you, but, in future, just go back to the submissions page, edit the info, and resubmit it.

You can create an avatar for use in the forums by going to gravatar.com and creating one for the email address you signed up with here.


i'm a young adult/teen? weeeeeeee!

but yes, the more adult of us might feel like churchill crashing the mad hatter's tea party when reading arcadia snips...

Well! It's intended for *any* audience, but I tried in particular to make it approachable for young teens and up. Hopefully anybody can read it, though!

Also, thank you very much, sir (Chris Poirer)! I'll remember the submission tab in the future; I thought I couldn't edit/resubmit the submission without screwing everything up forever.

THanks, Chris :) The compliment means a lot to me.