One down, ??? to go

My first of hopefully many novels is complete. Started August 13th, ended Jan 3rd... including the three prologue chapters. Without those, literally ended on Christmas.

The book turned out to be a bit of a monster... I had originally intended around 25 chapters and 50k-ish words.

What I ended up with was 61 chapters and 150k words. Heh. Oops.

I made a few mistakes in the planning, like putting too much emphasis on building the world instead of focusing on the character and major events, leaving lulls in the story. I mean, that was partly by design- I firmly believe the "full nitro burn" method is toxic to good storytelling, and you need ebbs and flows in action and drama, to create points of relaxation and seeing your characters in relaxed situations.

Plus, I had to establish the world for ((SPOILERS!)).

I just... there didn't need to be so many.

I play a long game with my writing, it's just in my nature, and to the point that there are things that are shown in chapter 1 that don't show their true significance until the final epilogue. I'm actually proud of this, though aware it's not everyone's cup of tea. Ending the book on a cliff hanger hanger and then moving to another story with a different set of characters may earn me some rage as well.

And now I'm taking a bit of a breather to chew things over, cleanse my pallet of character voices to make room for the new, maybe reorganize my site a bit, and then it's time for book two. Of fifteen that I know I can write.

Hopefully, I keep the word count a little more manageable this time around.

Congrats. It will be awhile before I get to that point in my own story. Are you planning to make a e-book? Take a break? Just continue on to the next book?

Oh and as a side note could you please make my link on your site a little more noticeable. Right now it's kind of hard to see as the font is lighter than the surrounding text. Also a little explanation would be nice, like The Iron Teeth: a dark fantasy web serial.

I'm "shopping" about with the whole "make a book of it" stuff. "Editors who know what they're doing" is a thing I'd like before decidig any absolutes.

I'll be taking a "breather", as said above. Use that time to work some of the site stuff out better, rework the table of contents to support multiple books... and yeah... all a bit of a mess. I'll poke at a section for link-trading other serials as well. Probably get Patreon online.

I highly recommend Patreon. It allows you to give something back to people who sign up, which can really encourage them to donate. You just have to make sure you set it up right. Check out mine for an example. Seriously, don't be lazy like some people and just get a page without rewards and goals. It makes a big difference.

On top of setting it up you have to advertise it and your rewards on your site. Don't just throw a button up.

Congrats on getting a book finished! Hope 2016 has another one in store for you.


At current rate, 2016 should see roughly three more books. More if I don't let the book sizes get away from me as bad as the first one did.