One Million Page Views

Hey, for what it's worth, sometime this morning Legion of Nothing passed one million page views since I started the site in 2007. Approximately 500,000 of that million are since January 2012.

I'm happily surprised. I knew I'd hit one million this month, but I didn't realize it would be this soon.

At the same time, I'm pretty sure there are webcomic sites that get that many in a week. I'm also quite sure that there are serials that passed the one million mark long ago.

It makes me happy anyway.

Congratulations, Jim. I'm as happy for you as I am jealous.

George: Thanks. As much as anything else, this is result of persistence.

And with regards to not so fun statistics... Last year I had 52,000 pieces of comment spam. This year I'm already up to 50,000. The vast majority were caught by Akismet (Wordpress's anti-spam plugin).

I am significantly less jealous about that.

I don't know ... you can tell your serial is doing badly when even the spam bots have given up posting. I haven't had spam in ages.

Congrats on reaching a million.

Congrats indeed.

Did you notice a trend where, after the spike in January, things continued coasting along afterward? I assume that's tied to the book.

Congrats Jim! That's excellent.

Wildbow: I don't think it's book related. The book came out in July 2012. I didn't see much of a change then. I do sell more books when I'm getting more readers though. Legion's always grown through a combination of links from other authors who linked to the story, directories (WFG, Muses Success, and--originally--Pages Unbound), a little bit from fan fiction sites, and also a small, but constant amount of advertising by me.

Basically I spend a maximum of 10 dollars a month on Project Wonderful. I initially spent more than that (30? 40?) in spring 2010, and it actually had enough of an effect that I've continued at a lower level ever since.

Here's a graphic of my site's overall growth. You'll note that it's not a straight upward climb, but the direction is consistent.

Alice: For the first six month of my serial 40 page views a day was pretty typical (and even by the end of a year, 40 wasn't impossible). Now, I get more than that entire year of pageviews in a typical month. It's largely a matter of time. More people link to me now, and thus I get more people investigating and reading.

In my first and second year, I had roughly 500 pieces of comment spam--practically nothing.

Ubersoft: Thanks. I'm sure your webcomic passed that point a while ago.

Always very interesting to see people's stats. When I started out, I had nothing in the way of a yardstick to compare myself against.

I assume the spike around mid-2010 was the advertising at work? I've seen the same thing, where it peaks, levels off and you wind up with a higher average after the fact.

That's exactly it. I tried advertising in May/June of 2010, and I've continued ever since (at a lower level). Sometimes though, I've wondered if I should do a big push every so often if can find the right sites to do it on.

With regards to comparing stats... I've sometimes thought we'd all be better off sharing stats and marketing techniques. In the indie (tabletop) roleplaying game design scene, it's pretty common to post your sales stats. It's not for bragging so much as giving people a sense of what's realistic and also explaining what they've done to affect those stats and how they've done it.

Man, that is so awesome. I wouldn't downplay it either. A million views is great, especially nice considering the consistent upwards trend! :D Congrats, Jim!

I work as an analyst (though I haven't really done much yet) and I find all these stats fascinating. Congratulations! I was so happy when I passed 10,000! A million is just... Yeah. Lots.

But it is nice to see where I am on your scale of things - About seven months in and looks like I'm in a similar place as yours was with a 4-5 thousand a month. Nice to know!

4 -5 thousand a month? Wow. And suddenly I feel dreadfully underachieving ;-).

But no, that quite impressive, congrats! And congrats Jim for the one million!

Lolz this makes my 286 look like nothing. Of course, that's probably because it is, but still.

Congratulations, Jim. Well done :)

NaomiL: That's 4000 page views. Only about 500 Unique visitors. I've got about 67 chapters so if readers either read everything or just looked at the home page and left that's only 52 actual readers in a month! Sounds a little less impressive lol

Also, about 50-60 read chapter 4, which is agrees with that crude estimate. Getting an idea of how many readers are up-to-date and reading as each chapter goes out is much more difficult.

I think the page-views can be a very tricky measure - if you have a few long chapters your page views will be low for a new reader. Legion of Nothing has been going on for so long when a new reader makes it through the archive he's probably contributed a lot to the view figures!

Interesting thought.

I tend to have longer chapters. Start out at 1-3k words, 4k word minimum around six months in, and then I've settled around a 6k word minimum as of this year.

Putting my stats out there in case anyone's curious as to how the chapter number/chapter length/visitors thing plays out.

I don't know how you manage 6k... That means you do a novel every what 5 weeks? Crazy

But that suggests about 900 new readers a month - but I expect a big portion of those views are actually people reading new chapters as they come out. I thought of trying to work it out from an individual chapter's views.

I'd expect a nice hump when its new:

but I bet a lot of those are people who haven't read it and are just happening across the site and seeing the latest content...

What are your syndicated views like Wildbow? The front page doesn't report them as views at all - but I seem to get loads, not sure whether to trust them. I've wondered what kind of ratios other people have.

No, I'm still very impressed by 4,000 page views :-).

I write 6k at a minimum but average 7.5k per chapter. I'm writing roughly 80k a month.

No stats on syndicated views but I do have 340 on the 'email me new chapters' list and 140 on RSS, IIRC (using a borrowed iPhone so checking is tedious). I get a high of roughly 2800 visitors (not views) on days a chapter goes live, by comparison.