One year of writing!

Celebrating a whole year of writing my serial, and in fact writing anything :)

It comes in so far at 116 chapters, I'm guessing about 170,000 words. Got 120,000 views. Estimated 600 unique readers. I've not missed a single update while I've had a schedule. I have a vague plan to bring everything to a close.

I'd call it a huge success considering I hadn't written a word since school when I first sat down at a computer and started typing. I've certainly learned a hell of a lot, and I've really enjoyed having people comment on each chapter. It really helps to steer things in the right direction/away from things that don't work.

But basically, just a yey moment.


Yay! One year! Thats a long time.

Happy Birthday to A Grey World!

It must be wonderful to discover you have a talent for something you've never tried before.

Congrats! Both for keeping it up for a year, and for never missing an update, that is too awesome!

Conga rats. I know it's a proud moment to realize you've gone a year without a missed update or a hiatus. *looks at a watch* Aaaaand...race you to two! *runs off!*

Thanks everyone :)

I'll see you at the two year marker PG!

*tosses an old lady in AGreyWorld's path*